The Big Bang Theory 9×07 ‘The Spock Resonance’: The ring…


Much like with life, if television shows don’t show growth – what’s the point? The Big Bang Theory has matured immensely over the years and this episode is one of the finer moments in their long run. Sheldon’s almost-proposal came to light, while baby talk was in the air for the Wolowitz’s.

For fans of Star Trek and more so Leonard Nimoy, this was a special episode in it of itself just because it celebrated the famous character and the late actor who played him. They even had his real life son on the show. He was making a documentary about his dad, and Wil Wheaton swore Sheldon would be the perfect fan for the interview portion. It started out well enough, and for someone who fell asleep during the remake in theaters, it made me appreciate the character of Spock a little more. Sheldon points out that he idolized him not because of some cliche answer that’s like, “Well I’m a nerd…I like space and sci-fi.” No, his reasoning was deeper. Spock lived in a world where logic reigned supreme and he was void of emotions. Sound familiar? Only Penny pointed out after learning about the proposal that never happened, that Sheldon did have emotions – as much as he likes to pretend he doesn’t.


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Speaking of pretending…Bernadette told her dad that Howard was the one that didn’t want to have kids when she’s the one that really isn’t sure about having a baby yet. Finally, this is the direction this show needs to head into as this season rolls on and the tenth (and hopefully last) comes around. I could see where Bernadette was coming from though. When your partner’s contributions around the house are minimal – do you want to bring another human into the equation? On the flip side, Howard being abandoned by his dad would make him the candidate to be a great father. Most who had a parent walk out don’t want to be repeat offenders.

On the flip side with those two, Bernadette wanted to redecorate the house and rightfully so. When a couple moves in together – it should not be one moving to another’s turf. That makes it seem like the one who moved is always a guest. Couples need to move together and since they can’t do that and already have an inherited home, the next best thing is to redesign it and make it their home. Plus, no disrespect to Howard’s late mother – but the decor is dated and needs a facelift.

Back at Sheldon’s he figures it’s time to bite the bullet and ask Amy the big question. We knew with minutes left nothing much was going to come from it. I thought he may walk up and then chicken out. Instead it was more heartbreaking. He walked up and saw Amy ending her night with a kiss from some unknown man. Now we have to wonder if Amy will ever know about the ring, but next week she’s out on another date and has some unexpected company as spies are waiting just around the corner. While she’s out and about, Sheldon is turning to Raj and Howard to set him up again.

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