The Big Bang Theory 9×06 ‘The Helium Insufficiency’: Thumbs up…


On one hand this episode of The Big Bang Theory felt like something out of the earlier seasons thanks to Leonard and Sheldon getting into some mischief, but then the growth this show’s had over the years was apparent on the flip side with Amy and the app. While Sheldon and Leonard were on the hunt for helium, the rest of the gang were searching for Amy’s next great love of her life – only she didn’t need them.

When a Swedish team reads their paper and says they’re going to go forward with the experiment, Sheldon and Leonard get scared because they lack the one thing needed to get going on their own; helium. After their foe at work says no to lending them some of his, they turn to the black market because of course Howard knows a guy. That guy turns out to be guest star Michael Rappaport and while he could’ve been a more shadier criminal, he was rather intellectual. Yeah, he took the guys for more than he needed but he seemed to have a heart somewhere in that body.


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Meanwhile Penny was surprised to find out that Stuart was on a dating app and had gone out with two living women he wasn’t threatening or holding hostage. That gave her and Bernadette the idea to put Amy on there too, to help her out. Only it turns into the gang picking and choosing with thumbs up and thumbs down. Amy had absolutely no say in the matter. Here’s the thing, some people are horrendous when it comes to dating, online or in reality and sometimes need a push. If you want to push them, give them a nudge and then let them go and make their own way.

Only Amy didn’t need anyone’s push. Turns out she’d already been dating sans app and had gone out with three guys already – crushing Stuart’s two. Anyways, I want to know if we’ll soon see one of these men and if so, will only the couples get to meet him, leaving Sheldon out OR will this be a group function that pressures Sheldon to find his own date to make things even more awkward for everyone.

Like I said in the beginning, the whole helium side of this episode was very light and very reminiscent of the first couple of seasons before marriage, emotions and whatnot started to be the base of each week. It was nice to be reminded of where we started and why we fell in love, but I’m also glad they also tossed in the meatier with Amy’s dating news.

Take a mental note that next week Big Bang moves back to Thursdays and I will see you then!

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