The Big Bang Theory 9×05 ‘The Perspiration Implementation’: Touché


Know those week’s where most of the words out of your beloved characters’ mouths are just white noise? That was what it was like for me this week watching The Big Bang Theory. That was mostly in part to the girls having to deal with Stuart. The only redeeming aspect of the whole thing was not Kripke asking Amy out on a date (and sending some rather risque pictures), but how she reacted when Sheldon said dating other girls was a way to move on.

You have to know who your clientele are when owning a business and because Stuart knows more women are buying comics, he wants to try and get more ladies in the shop. Because his breastfeeding cam and fancy toilet paper folding has failed him, he turns to Penny, Bernadette and Amy. We all could’ve guessed that Stuart was the actual problem. Many online reviews were further proof of this as he’s basically the creepiest dude in the world and it shows in his lack of female presence in his shop. Here’s the thing though, will this be a one off episode – one they did to give the girls something to do while the guys were trying to be athletic, or will Stuart actually change? We’ve seen all the characters grow over the years, but with Stuart being more like a associate member of the Baby-Sitters Club than one of the OG members, would it be worth it to develop him?


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Wait, what was that? The guys are getting into athletics? Remember, we’ve seen them in the gym one time before but this time fencing seemed more their speed. That was just the cherry on the cake of this storyline, the real cake being that Kripke taught the class, and in the end found out Amy was available and showcased interest. So much so, he texted – or rather sexted – her and asked her out. Ugh! Amy saying saying no wasn’t necessarily a sign that she’s still into Sheldon, but her reaction to him saying dating other girls is a way to move on – that showed that she wants that big ol’ weirdo back in her life. For years we had to deal with Leonard and Penny, will they, won’t they end up together and now we’re dealing with this mess. When is someone going to stumble across that ring in Sheldon’s drawer?

Next week Michael Rapaport is dealing…helium? Only on this show…

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