The Big Bang Theory 9×04 ‘The 2003 Approximation’: “Stylish flip phone…”


The time has finally come for the newlyweds on The Big Bang Theory to tell Sheldon that they need to finally live with one another. This leads to Sheldon reverting back to 2003, and while he was pretending that he’d never met Leonard, Raj and Howard were starting a band and almost breaking up because of it.

We all knew that once Leonard and Penny finally got married, that Sheldon was not going to be happy about them living together. Yes, they’d only be across the hall but it didn’t take very long for them to go back to their prior arrangement where Leonard and Penny split their nights between apartments. I’m torn on this. See, my boyfriend and I will one day be engaged and when that happens – I know I don’t want to live with a third wheel. Adult couples who are more than dating shouldn’t have roommates, that’s just weird and awkward. Only if it was absolutely necessary when it came to finances would that be acceptable. Small note, when is Stuart going to leave Bernadette and Howard’s? I’m definitely team Bernadette on this one…


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On the other hand, Sheldon made so much sense when he rambled on about their weekly dinners turning into monthly and then into only seeing one another on special occasions. That definitely happens, but that’s as much a part of life as feelings are – as Amy pointed out. Once again, why hasn’t Sheldon told anyone that he was planning on popping the question to his now ex? That’d solve at least one of his problems.

While I thought this week was going to be filler that focused heavily on Raj and Howard being in a band, they were barely there, but I will say that “Thor VS. Indiana Jones” song was pretty stellar. I mean, I don’t care about either of those characters, but it had quite the hook.

Next week the guys take on athletics…once again, but maybe this time they’ll prevail in fencing.

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