The Big Bang Theory 9×03 ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion’: “The veins are gummy worms…” | Gotta Watch It!

The Big Bang Theory 9×03 ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion’: “The veins are gummy worms…”


Leonard and Penny may’ve been married awhile now, but their friends still feel they deserve a bachelor and bachelorette party. Well, very nontraditional ones – to say the least. The guys headed down to Mexico for a very educational trip, while the girls come clean to their parents about some pretty big news on this week’s The Big Bang Theory.

Howard and Raj planned a trip down to Mexico in famed physicist Richard Feynman’s van. What they were going to do was really nerdy and just like them. So basically there was going to be no strippers, drunken nights or any of the typical shenanigans that take place at a bachelor party. At least Amy got the note and tried with her “male genital” cookies that were a little too life like. Of course we’ll never get to see – maybe on the DVD extras?


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When the guys break down, they turn to science to get a stuck lug nut off the van, while they were fighting a flat tire – the girls were fighting themselves. Turns out that Penny never told her family about her new marital status, and Amy hadn’t broken the news about her breakup to her mom. Both took the plunge and Penny was scared. I get it, what dad doesn’t want to walk their daughter down the aisle? My dad’s up there in age and I get sad every time I think about him not being able to be at my wedding someday, instead having to be walked by one of my brothers…love them, but no. Anyways, Penny’s dad didn’t care about anything but his daughter’s happiness and his own news to share. I thought he was going to say he and her mom got a divorce, instead it was so much lighter – kind of. He ran over and took out her pet pig, Moondance, a year ago. Being hurt by the news of Moondance, Penny wasn’t shy about telling Amy’s mom about not only her and Sheldon, but Amy’s fresh new ear piercings and the penis shaped cookies.

So it turns out Leonard and Penny were right to elope and skip the tradition of the parties because each of them were a dud. Do you think they should’ve done this differently? I would’ve liked to see Amy and Bernadette share a night out with Penny’s other friends. Does she have other friends? Remember when she and some girls came in during, I want to say, the first season and said they’d sleep with the guys but they were too busy? Yeah, where are those ladies to party it up now…

Well, it was kind of one of those episodes that fill some void and next week looks more or less the same with Raj and Howard starting a band. Until next week, let’s ponder why Amy hadn’t changed her Facebook status to single yet…a sign that this breakup will soon be over…?

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