The Big Bang Theory 8×24 ‘The Commitment Determination’: One ring to rule them all…


This time of year is horrendous for us TV fans. We have to deal with the reality that our shows are heading out for their summer vacations and that means season finales that’ll leave us questioning what’s to come. New Girl made me ball, Last Man on Earth surprised the hell out of me and tonight The Big Bang Theory did a little bit of both as each couple faced the idea of commitment in their own way.

Raj’s girlfriend Emily has a dark side, not as bad as Vader…but it is dark enough that it makes Raj uncomfortable. Being him though, the big question was if he had the balls to break things off with her because of their immense difference in mental shade.Howard and Bernadette felt the same way I’m sure we all did about the situation – he wasn’t going to be able to do it. On the flip side, the married ones were called out on the fact that they didn’t have the heart to kick Stuart out.


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Over on the other side of town Sheldon blew it with Amy on their five year anniversary. Guys, do not talk about something completely off topic when you’re with your girl – especially if you’d just been making out. While Amy was ticked off, I did not expect that ending. Before we talk about that, their fight sparked Sheldon to point out to Leonard and Penny that they were lacking in their relationship due to the fact that they hadn’t set a wedding date after more than a year. That led to a quick discussion and an even quicker decision to head to Vegas. While I like the idea of spontaneity, I really hope Leonard’s admission in the car on the way there makes them turn around.

Leonard and Penny have been the couple since this show started and for them to get married in Vegas on a whim and without the gang really takes away from their story and the show. We’ve waited eight years, we want a wedding. Also, going back to that admission – why Leonard, why? I agree with Penny, it seemed like he was totally trying to sabotage their big day. We’ll have to wait all summer to see if they got hitched in Sin City, the outcome of Stuart continuing to live with Bernadette and Howard, and what comes of Raj’s relationship now that he’s said the L-word out of fear of being alone.


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Now the moment we’ll all be talking about – Sheldon and Amy’s breakup, and the fact that he was going to propose. The one time Sheldon didn’t insist on talking first, and this happened! I literally gasped out loud when he mentioned a ring to Gollum, then pulled one out. That goes to show that despite what some may think, he’s the character with the most growth in the entire series.

I can live with waiting for everyone’s storylines to pick up come the fall, but I need to know what’s going to happen between Sheldon and Amy right this second.

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