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The Big Bang Theory 8×23 ‘The Maternal Combustion’: Super weaner…


Last week I was left peeved over how Raj handled his parents on The Big Bang Theory, but this time around there was nothing to be annoyed about – but definitely something to think about. What parenting style works best? That’s a conversation that has a million and one answers, but with two moms in town and one still in the air – we explored three ways.

Sheldon and Leonard’s moms were meeting for the first time as they were in town to see their sons win an award for their recent paper. We all knew they’d clash seeing how Sheldon’s is a by the book Bible thumper, and Leonard’s is a super uptight psychologist. They don’t hit it off, but what I did like was that one learned something from the other – thanks to the super weaner Sheldon.

His mom has always loved him no matter what. Despite their differences and his love of science and hers of religion, love is a common ground. That’s personally how I think a family should work. You don’t have to agree 100% with everything your loved one does, just love them. That’s how it is in my family. On the flip side, Leonard has always had to earn respect and devotion. Which, I’m not sure his mom ever gave him enough of even though he’s an award winning scientist. In the end she learned to love him – bottom line, and to stop making him work for her attention.


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Another parenting style we saw was Howard’s. Yes, his mom has passed – but Bernadette was treating just like she did – spoiling him. After the guys pointed it out, he quickly wanted to make a change. I think spoiling your kids is even worse than making than earn love. Why? Well because when you spoil your kids, you put this shroud over them and secures them from reality. It makes them think that struggle is not a possibility and it makes them fearful in a way. I mean…Howard is the only one of the guys who didn’t live on his own. He was probably scared to do so and had to wait until there was someone else to live with to essentially take care of him.

This episode had a lot of funny moments like the “bouquet of rotting plant genitals” and the image rendered in all our minds of Bernadette pulling Howard in a wagon, but overall I think this was a well written episode that showcased the results of different parenting styles. Very well written and executed, but it likely won’t hold a candle to next week’s season finale that has Sheldon urging…forcing Leonard and Penny to set a wedding date.

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