The Big Bang Theory 8×22 ‘The Graduation Transmission’: So many toggles…


Leonard tried to get deep, Raj schemed and tech support had to be called on this week’s The Big Bang Theory. Usually at the end of an episode of this show I’m either riddled with emotion, or just bored. This week I was left a bit annoyed.

Recently one of my high school friends got to return to her college to talk about her amazing job in HR at Forever 21. I can only imagine what that feels like because as a freelance writer – I’d only be asked to give kids a speech on what not to do as an adult. Anyways, I liked the idea of Leonard heading back to his high school with Penny to give a commencement speech, but I didn’t like the execution. His heart was in the right place, but it was a little lackluster and expected. What I didn’t expect was the camera staying on him the whole time and it not panning down to his micro-mini robe.


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While he was speaking about not fitting in back in the day, Raj was being cut off by his dad. I had so many problems with this. Why does he still get money from him…he’s a working adult with a great job, and also – isn’t he like 30-something? To me, once you’re out of college you have a tiny window to start supporting yourself and then that’s it. Your parents gave you so much growing up, so leave them be when you are. This is especially true when you’re a working man with a doctorate…living in another country. Plus, he acted like such a brat when it came to manipulating his parents. Come on Raj, you’re better than that. Ugh, this week made me miss the mute dude that we met when the show first started.

Then on a lighter note, Sheldon and Howard were stumped when it came to a helicopter drone thing. It seemed a bit out of character that Sheldon didn’t really jump on Howard for being an engineer with only a MA like he usually does.

I wish Leonard would’ve been a little more convincing with his speech, and that Raj wouldn’t have been such a brat – so overall this week wasn’t the best for me in terms of The Big Bang Theory. Next week looks promising though as both Sheldon and Leonard’s moms are in town.

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