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The Big Bang Theory 8×21 ‘The Communication Deterioration’: Alpha, beta, omega


Penny’s dreams are realized, Raj and Leonard prove they can possibly do things on their own and Sheldon wants to make his way to Beyonce on this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.

In recent seasons I’ve loved Penny more and more because she was the only character I could relate to. She was surrounded by people who on paper were definitely doing better than her. It’s hard to have a social circle that can order more than water at a restaurant. Trust me, when your friend is ordering only water – it’s most likely because that extra three bucks for a lemonade will break the bank. I connected with her on that level and when she landed that pharmaceutical job, I still liked that she kept an open mind about acting because that was her passion and what she moved to LA for. Well, while I personally don’t like that she walked away from that acting idea – I do love the growth in the character.


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When you do a show for this long, if no one’s changing – you’re doing something wrong. We’ve seen Sheldon go from a robot to a robot who can admit to loving another. And this week we saw Penny go from the girl next door with wide eyes to a woman who has her eyes on the prize in sight. No one could’ve or would’ve guessed that this is where we’d see Penny all these years after the pilot. Good job Chuck Lorre and Co.

As Penny was coming to terms with her decisions, Raj and Leonard were realizing that they were tired of being pushed around. It’s hard not to be when someone like Sheldon is in your group and has to have things his way. In reality, sometimes it’s just easier to let those friends have their way because you know that if you did things differently, they’d just make things hell on earth. The guys had it out and came to some conclusions, but for me – I wasn’t really invested in their whole storyline.

Okay guys, three more episodes of season eight and next week dads are getting angry and tech support may have to intervene.

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