The Big Bang Theory 8×20 ‘The Fortification Implementation’: GIF Vs. GIF


Without getting too deep, The Big Bang Theory managed to touch on some pretty heavy topics this week and I really hope that with only four episodes left this season, we dive more into them. The idea that Howard’s dad had another family this whole time, the dynamics of Leonard and Penny, as well as Penny continuing to be Miss Relatable (to me anyway), and of course Sheldon and Amy’s continuous relationship growth.

While it was cute to see Matt Bennett as Howard’s younger half-brother, I couldn’t help but feel for Howard. My dad didn’t leave us cold, but he was here and there growing up and there was one time in high school where I did see him playing the father to someone else, and it killed me. So I could see and liked how Howard reacted at first and wanted more of that since he was so distraught over that unopened letter from his dad – you would think it’d take him more than a minute to get over the idea that his father was able to move on and stick around for someone else.


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Elsewhere Penny was a guest on Wil Wheaton’s podcast and it was all fun and games until Kevin Smith offered her an audition for one of his movies. We all know she struggled for years to be an actress, and now finally has a stable income. So the idea of her heading back to acting freaked out Leonard but when he found out she actually makes twice as much as him now – he changed his tune. My problem here is that he should’ve never had a problem. When you have a partner – you support them no matter what. Unless they want to quit life and become a drug dealer, then it’s okay to step in and intervene. Also, it was extremely sexist for him to be that butthurt about her making more – who cares? You’re going to be married soon and her extra income can go towards owning a home, right?

Then there was Sheldon and Amy’s date night that ended on a way interesting note. He was bummed about feeling left out of a symposium invite, and after a heartfelt chat Amy said they should build a fort. Well that led to this couple’s first official sleepover and…who else was weirded out by her hidden pajamas and toiletries? We all know nothing but calculations and equations went on between those two, but we’re getting closer to them sealing the deal of their grown up relationship! You know I want this show to stop after 10 seasons, so we could be waiting until the very end – but either way, we’re close to some coitus. What’s creepier – waiting for a couple to sleep together or hiding overnight packages around your significant other’s home?

Overall this was a light episode with some deep elements tucked in. The preview for next week didn’t really showcase where we were heading but I hope we revisit most of tonight and develop those ideas more before the season wraps up.

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