The Big Bang Theory 8×17 ‘The Colonization Application’: “He kinda looks like a jerk…”


This week The Big Bang Theory focused heavily on all the couples. All four had their own thing going on. One was snooping, another was planning the future without regard, the next was feeling old and the last was just doing taxes…While all their stories were different, each had something to teach couples everywhere.

Hey…Emily is starting to become more of a permanent fixture on the show as this is week number two that she’s been on more than a second. Last time she was all fun and games, but that came to an end after Raj went looking around her apartment when she wasn’t there. Poor Raj. That would be the WORST thing ever. Well, one of the worst because nothing beats Howard’s toilet clogging on the first date. This was pretty bad though. It also serves as a lesson – don’t be too forceful when snooping around and if you break something, make sure to fix it ASAP. Thankfully for him and the show (if they’re trying to really have another female in the gang longterm) that they kissed and made up.


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Then we had Amy and Sheldon who gave us shippers a scare after she learned he had submitted an application to live on that Mars colony. First off, I loved that they were getting a turtle and on the surface that was supposed to be seen as this lighthearted plotline and in the end they were shaken up. Like Raj and Emily, they kissed and made up as too. Well, they didn’t kiss, but hugged. If I was Amy, I would’ve reacted the same exact way. If you’re in a relationship don’t go and make future plans without consulting your partner – bottom line.

Penny and Leonard would never do such a thing. Okay, Penny did it that one time when she quit her job and – was that it? I can’t remember exactly but I do remember that it caused a quick riff between the two. Anyways, they’re past that and noticing that maybe they’re also over the hill. After they painted themselves and did the deed on a giant canvas…the results were lacking; no movement. What’s to be respected is that they didn’t let it shake them too much and they put their paint back on and tried again. You may lose steam as you and your love grow older together, but never quit on one another – always take time to try again.


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Really quick, Penny wins line of the night with “Did you go to the dirty store of Michael’s?”

Then there was our favorite pint sized couple, Howard and Bernadette. They didn’t have anything major going on but were doing their taxes and proved that they’d be together – even behind bars.

So what’d we learn tonight? If you’re going to snoop – do it fast and fix whatever you break faster, plan your future together (if things are serious), don’t be afraid to try new things and do them again if failed the first time, and also – the couple that commits tax fraud together…stays together? Well in the sitcom world.

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