The Big Bang Theory 8×15 ‘The Comic Book Store Regeneration’: RIP Mrs. Wolowitz


Talk about a tear fest. The Big Bang Theory had a lot of laughs this week but ended on a sad note as the show finally let reality hit the storyline as they said goodbye to Mrs. Wolowitz.

Carol Ann Susi was the actress behind the voice of Howard’s mother and almost every fan who’s watched the show has tried to imitate her. When she passed away last year I, many, wondered how that would impact the show – tonight we saw how they handled it, naturally. She passed in her sleep while on a trip and that scene was made touching by Sheldon’s little speech, “When my father died I didn’t have any friends, you do.” Something like that. I was too busy tearing up to remember it word for word. Then the tension was broke by Penny.


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Side note – Why isn’t Simon Helberg celebrated more on this show? He’s had two of the most touching moments in the series. Tonight’s episode and my absolute favorite, the one involving the unopened letter from his dad. Jim Parsons is a gem, but like Modern Family, this show has multiple talents to showcase – not just one.

Okay back to the show…The whole thing with Sheldon being jealous of Amy helping his enemy with String Theory took a major backseat due to the news at the end. The same with Amy and Sheldon testing Penny and Leonard’s intelligence against chimps. There was something brewing with the whole Sheldon and Amy thing, but again – after learning about Howard’s mom, who could really concentrate about that?


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I feel like a broken record, but this episode shows the strength and humanity of this show for those who just write it off as a show about nerds that has no personal growth. Howard couldn’t have lost his mom in the earlier seasons because then he was just a horn dog. Now he’s a married man who has been to space. He’s grown so much, like many of the others.

Leaving this week we have to wonder what’ll happen to Stuart and think about Mrs. Wolowitz’s will. Do you think she would’ve added her new BFF to it and gave less to her only son? Oh yeah, the whole death thing really out shined Nathan Fillion’s cameo.

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