The Big Bang Theory 8×14 ‘The Troll Manifestation’: “How horny I could be…”


This week The Big Bang Theory took a shot at bullying and showcased two sides of the story. Men who like to hide behind the confines of the internet and women who like to tear others down to build themselves up. The ending result was actually more comical than anything and Sheldon was back in the saddle the the center of this show’s universe.

Leonard had a very House moment during dinner with Penny. You know the kind, the one where one thing said or done makes you revert to the back of your mind and discover some miraculous thing you wouldn’t have otherwise. Well that leads to a theory, and Sheldon writing a paper and them posting it. It also led to them getting the dreaded internet troll.


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While Sheldon battled with words in a comments thread, the girls were having their usual wine night and watching Penny’s horrendous gorilla movie led to watching Bernadette’s pageant history coming to light. That all came to an end with Amy’s Little House on the Prairie fan fiction coming up. On the real though, fanfiction is one of those things that I will never understand but to each their own, right?

After a wonderful speech from Howard, Sheldon decides they should face their troll and…who was it? Stephen Hawkins. Okay, before this show I never really thought that dude had any sort of sense of humor. With this and all you hear from Eddie Redmayne, you realize that the disease didn’t affect his personality at all; good to know. Anyways, we learned from the guys to confront your bullies and find out why they’re tormenting you because getting to the root will ease you. Turns out Hawkings liked their paper and was just bored, so he was being mean.


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With the girls and tearing one another down, they learned that maybe you should be more open to others’ interests and not be too quick to judge. I didn’t take this lesson to art because I still think fanfiction is a strange world.

This was a really well-rounded episode. Usually it leans heavy on one storyline and the other is just alright, but both were equally interesting.

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