The Big Bang Theory 7×11 ‘The Cooper Extraction’: Uncle Dr. Cooper

The Cooper Extraction

Sheldon phoned it in this week on The Big Bang Theory since he had to be in Texas because his sister’s “uterus came down with a baby.” That led the rest of the gang to go crazy with the tree decorating, and to discuss what their lives would’ve been like if Sheldon was void from their lives.

Bernadette’s copy of of It’s a Wonderful Life inspired the Sheldonless conversations. Amy was adamant that none of them would’ve been friends without him, and that their lives would actually be worse. This inspired seven scenarios and a final 8th one that was imagined by Stuart but that guy just kept hoping in everyone else’s stories because he felt left out. That was sad, but not as sad as their lives had Sheldon never been in them. How many different ways can I say that before we’re done here?

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

Howard, Raj and Leonard still would’ve been friends because of work BUT no Sheldon could’ve caused Leonard and Raj to shack up together. With Raj being a delightful cook, this would’ve drove them both into the super-plus side of the men’s department. Somehow not having Sheldon around would’ve driven Howard’s mom to die – or him to kill her. I thought they were going to pull a Psycho at that part when he spun the chair…Glad they didn’t go that far with it.

Friendships wouldn’t have been the same, and neither would have relationships. Yeah, Penny would’ve still moved in but there’d be no Leonard so according to Amy that would’ve sent Penny into Sheldon’s arms. This was one of the funniest/creepiest scenes to happen in this show’s seven season run so far. I liked that Sheldon was still clueless as to what to do with a half naked woman in a fantasy. Oh yes, Bernadette may’ve had her eyes on Howard when he was a patron of the Cheesecake Factory, but she would’ve thought he was with Raj because, well…That bromance man.

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

While they’re telling their made up scenarios, Sheldon’s occasional video calls were priceless and full of some of the best one liners of this season. “Janitor to my sister’s uterus” and “I’ve seen things, lady things” were among the top two out of his mouth.

Okay so these “what ifs” and Sheldon’s lines were all good and fun, but we’re not going anywhere without squealing over Leonard’s Christmas present to Amy. At this point, I can’t remember when she wasn’t a part of the gang and I totally believe Sheldon cares for her as much as we all do. Then we got confirmation when Leonard reassured her Sheldon was into her. The best part of Amy being “in the mix” of Sheldon’s screensaver was the awkward picture that was used.

When TBBT gets back from the holiday break in January, we’ll see Sheldon learning to be funny and Raj working on his “game.”

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