The Big Bang Theory 7×10 ‘The Discovery Dissipation’: “Wonder blunder”


Thanks to Thanksgiving we had to go a week without The Big Bang Theory. In that time Sheldon was stewing in rage over his accidental discovery. This week we seen his rollercoaster of emotions because of that, how good…and bad a house guess Raj is, and questioned why he’s single.

For those who forgot, Sheldon discovered a new element by accident and was embarrassed by all the attention. This led to a pep talk this week from Wil Wheaton. We learned you have to take the good with the bad and roll with it. Thanks Star Trek for that mantra. The best part of that scene was Wil getting tossed out for wanting to blow the train whistle. No one blows Sheldon’s whistle, right Amy?

Photo Sourse: CBS

Photo Sourse: CBS

Elsewhere Raj and Cinnamon were bunking with Howard and Bernadette because you have to have one episode where you take in a house guest to fill some type of quota. Once there he’s the perfect husband to Bernadette. The glasses of wine and interest in her day – I wanted to assume he still harbored some feelings for the pint-sized firecracker but then he went and was an even more perfect wife to Howard. But that’s been the dynamic of that bromance for years. Raj just wants to be with anyone who’ll have him.

Back on the crazy side of town, Sheldon’s finally okay with the attention until Leonard disproves him. Penny makes the most sense out of it, but the addition and subtraction of Sheldon’s number of friends is one of the most entertaining parts of the episode. I tried to count and I couldn’t think of the last person that rounded out his 9; minus Wolowitz of course.

After Raj gets the boot from Howard and Bernadette’s apartment thanks to his continuous relationship advice, he ends up on Leonard’s and Sheldon’s couch where his advice lands him on Amy’s bad side. Let’s be real here though, he was preaching the truth. That makes you wonder, how the hell is he the single one? He’s the most romantic, can cook and gets along too well with women. You’d think that since he can talk to women he’d have one by now.

Photo Source: CBS

Photo Source: CBS

There was no resolution with Raj, only that he’s the best with relationships but sadly doesn’t have one of his own, and Sheldon seems to come to accept his retraction. Other than that this episode was light on the plot but heavy on the laughs. Cinnamon in a cage and her possible escape being compared to Jurassic Park, Penny being jealous of Sheldon because he’s tall and famous, and Sheldon asking Amy, “Everything is just sex with you isn’t it?” Those were the most laughable moments of the night.

Next week a Christmas episode has Sheldon in Texas, and the rest of the gang imagining what their lives would’ve been like if Sheldon never been in them. A little twist on It’s A Wonderful Life for the holidays in “The Cooper Extraction.”

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