The Big Bang Theory 2×10 ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’: They do…again…


We’ve already watched Leonard and Penny get married on The Big Bang Theory, but because friends and family weren’t in on it they decided to have another wedding. This meant meeting people we’d never met up until this point. When we left off we met Leonard’s dad for the first time, and Sheldon’s mom was very taken. Although they swear they didn’t hook up…I think we all know it’s coming. In tonight’s premiere though for their 10th season (damn) we finally found out who Penny and her drug dealing brother are. The cameos were perfection but as a whole, I felt they played it a little safe.

This felt like one of those episodes meant for white noise, because frankly it was. I was doing other things and nothing really ever captured my attention minus Amy bursting through the door overflowing with nuptial excitement, Amy thinking Sheldon was going to propose and Am- nah, it wasn’t all about her. My last favorite moment was when Sheldon declared his love for the bride and groom and hopped into the ceremony. Other than that and getting a little teary eyed because I’m not a monster – weddings will almost always make the waterworks start up – I didn’t really care too much for this episode.


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We will however get to Penny’s family who with the exception of her dad have been a mystery to us. Perhaps because for some time Katey Sagal was busy on Sons of Anarchy, but she was a pleasantly cast mother to Penny seeing as they were already mother and daughter before on TV. So not only was it sweet to finally see where Penny came from fully, but it was an homage to their first go around together on the small screen. Plus, there was Jack Mcbrayer who would be the least likely candidate for a meth dealer, but hey – it was funny to imagine a guy with that smile and grace selling anything other than unicorns and ice-cream cones.

On top of all the wedding stuff the government wanted to talk to Howard, and next week that seems to be the center of attention. Do you think he’s getting good or bad news? Also, how long are we going to have to watch the newlyweds live with Sheldon? I’m sorry, love the guy but a married couple should not have a roommate. Hence why Stuart’s behind had to get the steppin’!

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