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The Big Bang Theory 10×20 ‘The Recollection Dissipation’: No pants


This week kind of felt a little like filler, but kudos to them on finding a way to make “Soft Kitty” fell anew on The Big Bang Theory. While Sheldon’s cold medicine fiasco was comical, it wasn’t the best part of the episode. Those moments centered around Howard and Bernadette, and her fear of going back to work after maternity leave.

We all know what comes when Sheldon gets sick. It’s spawned t-shirts, notebooks and whatever else they can plaster pop culture on in Hot Topic. We didn’t jump right into “Soft Kitty” though. They actually built somewhat of a story around the sickness. Instead of Sheldon sitting at home keeping his friends hostage with his illness, he took some cold medicine and couldn’t remember a thing. The mystery was short lived though as we got to see Sheldon square dance. We also got to see him worry about blabbing about his top secret project to a bar full of California cowboys. Wonder if that will come back to bite him where Amy only sees once a year.


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That was all fine and dandy, but I appreciated the balance between silly antics and real life dilemmas we get from time to time. This show is about grown people, and they should be experiencing actual grown problems. This show often gets compared to Friends, but I am still very upset at their living situations in New York City. Yeah, the guys and gals of Big Bang also live pretty okay but at least Stuart and Raj are somewhat slumming it in a realistic manner.

Anyways, back to the reality punch this week. Bernadette was worried about leaving her baby girl to head back to work. This has to be a cause for concern for any new mom with their first born. Because I’ve heard once you have another and another – you can’t wait to go back to the office. Nevertheless, I liked how Howard approached it; nothing was set in stone. If Bernie wanted more time at home, it seemed like that was an option to stay a stay-at-home mom, and go back to work when she was ready. Only thing with that, we all know Bernie makes the bigger bucks in that family. Do you think she’ll go back to work, or continue staying home with the baby? Personally, I’d suggest go back part time…if that was a possibility. Baby steps…

One last thing, do how well do you think Bernie took that news about her dead great aunt that Howard was holding on to all those years?

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