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The Big Bang Theory 10×19 ‘The Collaboration Fluctuation’: 3rd Wheel


It’s been a couple of weeks since we last seen The Big Bang Theory and in that time in their realm in the heart of Pasadena Penny and Raj have gotten particularly close. This of course bothers the hell out of Leonard. While an awkward trio was forming there, Amy and Sheldon were trying to combine their intellect across the hall.

It does not matter what kind of threesome you find yourself a part of, being the odd man out is always an annoyance. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun, so I totally felt for Leonard when he felt like the third wheel in his own home due to Penny and Raj’s bestie friendship. What was even more annoying was when those two didn’t take his complaints that seriously in the end. It made me wonder if Penny is the right one for Leonard. Most times they’re great together, but then you get those moments like this and when she was less than romantic about their love – and you think, is this just who she is, or does she not love him as much as we originally thought?


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Elsewhere Amy started working on something that Sheldon actually showed an interest in. This led him to suggest they work together. Only it worked out as well as any fan of the show would have imagined it would. Sheldon cannot play nice, and it turns out that neither can Amy. Their fighting sparked their minds, and hey – whatever gets you going, run with it. Even if what gets you going in insulting the hell out of your partner.

Next week it seems like Sheldon has to retrace his steps and figure out where he’d been because he can’t remember at all. Seems like filler, but if we could swing back around to this whole Penny and Raj thing, that’d be great because I don’t like Leonard getting crapped on like that. I’ve been the third wheel many a time and it blows. In all honesty, if I was Leonard I’d say Raj had to go. Which isn’t that harsh given that Raj is 30-something, and has a good job.

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