The Big Bang Theory 10×18 ‘The Escape Hatch Identification’: Moocher Realization


Raj went from being my least favorite character right ahead of Stuart due to his inability to grasp reality to being not so bad on The Big Bang Theory in a matter of just a couple of episodes. Interestingly enough, there was no real this and that to this episode as everyone’s concerns kind of centered around where Raj would be living. That’s not to say it didn’t allow for some interesting observations to arise about a couple of relationships in a certain Pasadena apartment building.

Raj needs a place to stay. His boxes are packed and two of his friends are struggling with the pros and cons of inviting him to stay during this rough time in his life. Both Howard and Leonard offer up a place to rest his head, but with Penny not playing around – it was off to the newlywed’s he went. What I found interesting was how Raj’s financial woes and lack of living situation soon transformed into drama for Leonard and Penny, as well as Sheldon and Amy. That’s what happens when you let Leonard’s mom in on your business though.


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Thinking back, I don’t think that Leonard and Penny were trying to have a buffer of sorts in their relationship, but rather they are filling a certain void. Sheldon was like their child, then he grew up and moved across the hall. With that came the birth of Bernadette and Howard’s baby. In the back of their mind they probably have a sort of empty nest syndrome they aren’t willing to admit because it’d be too much for those two to admit they missed Sheldon. Also though, they could also not be talking about that void being the child they have yet to have. Penny did have a little cry not too long ago when her and the girls tried to have a night out about growing up and whatnot. While I feel yes, they do miss having someone like Sheldon around – I think the writers are hinting at those two wanting to start a family, but being terrified to admit it.

Sheldon and Amy though, one could see a million and one reasons why either would be having some concerns about the longevity of their relationship. Sheldon is not the easiest person and if I were dating him I’d always question whether or not he was worth the extra…trouble. On the flip side, Sheldon’s brain has showed great growth in terms of being personable but at the core it works like a well-oiled, scientific machine and if he isn’t sure about his future with Amy, and can’t predict what will happen between them – it may scare and worry him.

Again though, this all spawned from Raj’s situation and in the end he was a shining light in terms of great character growth. One second he’s buying a Chanel baby shawl, and the next he’s realizing that he’s not only too old, but far too accomplished to live off other people. Stuart of course does not see the problem in this, but we needed that contrast to showcase how well Raj was doing mentally with his new life away from his dad’s constant financial support. I wanted to stand and applaud, but in my current state I could barely sit up straight (no worries, I am just dead tired lately). Finally Raj was taking charge and making moves to be an actual adult, not just a shell of one.

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