The Big Bang Theory 10×17 ‘The Comic-Con Conundrum’: Growing Up


Well that was quite the episode of The Big Bang Theory, now wasn’t it? Again, people think this show is a onenote sort of thing, but that’s because they fail to see the depths in which these characters have actually grown and continue to do so. I was skeptical of going past a tenth season, and at times I still am BUT tonight I was not. With the guys choosing to miss out on the one event that sort of defined them as a group, it made me wonder if that’ll be the case in reality…

Super happy they continued to play out the whole thing with Raj and his finances. Not sure I would allow someone like Sheldon to be in control of my money – but then again, i am like that. When you grow up with less than and become an adult who pretty much followed in her mom’s footsteps, you learn to save like a motherfuc- well anyways. So Raj has help now with his money, but the big thing is that Sheldon bans him from buying Comic Con tickets. Say what?!

While Raj tried to make extra money doing odd jobs, Leonard tried to low key persuade Penny from going with him to Comic Con. She didn’t even want to go, but of course they wouldn’t be honest with one another. It took Sheldon and Amy to get their married friends to come clean. Glad that didn’t become a serious matter, and they were able to move on.


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Speaking of, when the end came and Raj was fine with not going to Comic Con – that was huge on multiple levels. He showed that he was maturing a little by not needing to go Comic Con after over a decade of attendance, but he also showed it even more so because he realized he didn’t need to spend the money that Bernadette and Howard tried to push on him. I was happy to see that, but was way more surprised when the other guys said they too were opting out of their annual trip to San Diego. It made me wonder if the cast is saying they won’t head there in real life as they have since the show basically started.

It’s nice to see that these guys who once relied on their geekery are becoming well-rounded and realizing they can be more than their interests. I think as teens and young adults we sort of define ourselves by what we like, whether it be music, TV, sports – and we get stuck in that. Which isn’t a bad thing but when that’s all you have to showcase who you are – that’s kind of a bore. Like I still love Backstreet Boys, and have since I was 12, but it’d be weird as hell if that was still the only thing that people could think of when they thought of me. The guys aren’t just nerds into comic books anymore. They are husbands, fathers, and more.

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