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The Big Bang Theory 10×16 ‘The Allowance Evaporation’: Spoiled secrets


We circled back to the root of why Raj bothers me on The Big Bang Theory this week. He’s spoiled AF. While we were seeing Raj’s silver spoon shine bright, Sheldon was learning what he should and shouldn’t talk about with the lunch lady.

It’s not weird for people in LA to have their parents help them out. Whether it be still living with them to avoid having to hand over their whole check for the insane rents here, or having financial help from afar. What makes me dislike Raj for this though is that he has a legit job that would allow him to live without his father’s money just fine. Leonard pointed that out – thank god. He and the rest of the guys all work at the same place, where I am sure they make similar amounts – but for some reason Raj thinks it’s not enough. That’s because he has a taste for the lavish things in life; dog walkers, housekeepers, Gucci baby shawls. It’s all too much.


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That’s the problem with a lot of people in LA though. They think the “cost of living” includes all the extra shit they love to do for fun, and think that’s why they still need their parents. In reality they, and Raj, could survive if they prioritized. Maybe not live on the ritzy side of town, get rid of the dog walker, stop shopping all the damn time. It’s no fault of his own though in retrospect. Those born into money have the privilege of struggling to crawl away from that financial safety net. While I see why he’s the way he is, I still can’t stand this part of him.

Moving on a bit to Sheldon and Amy. She was pissed to learn that he’d been telling random people about their once-a-year sex life. Again, Sheldon has grown so much as a character that it didn’t take him too long to realize how to solve the problem. Of course he was not without fault by then revealing his girl’s horrific menstrual tales, but it was some progress on his part. Also, what else do you think was in that dot of things he keeps to himself? Getting his driver’s license was one thing, but what else is in there?!

Raj showed a little promise towards the end because he had to. His dad was done supporting him. Which I get. I believe that a parent can help them out through college, but that’s it. Then it’s time to push them out of the nest and if they struggle a bit or a lot, well that’s just a part of life.

The first person to ever make me believe I could do anything with the written word was my 10th grade English teacher and recently she said to me, “People are so scared to experience temporary discomfort that it stops them from doing a lot of things – discovering you can be uncomfortable and get through it can be revolutionary for some people! It opens up a whole world of possibilities when a person can realize that discomfort does not equal death!”

Raj, and many 20-30 somethings right now, need to realize that facing the discomfort and overcoming is a glorious thing. I don’t think we’ll stick with this too much next week as the gang is all about Comic-Con but I hope it doesn’t take too long to revisit this aspect of Raj’s life.

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