The Big Bang Theory 10×15 ‘The Locomotion Reverberation’: I think I can


It feels like it’s been too long since The Big Bang Theory has been on, but it was back tonight with a girl’s night out, and a scheme to get some help. All the while Raj and Stuart tried really hard to land their own spinoff for whenever this show finally takes its final bow.

Bernadette has been on baby lockdown for some time, so it as nice that she and the girls got a chance to hang out outside of a house and away from the baby. That is of course until Raj and Stuart continued to call her with every question and concern under the sun. Raj is a smart guy and Stuart, while annoying, has proved to be a good caretaker when it came to Howard’s mom – so they shouldn’t have been that clueless. Anyways, when girl’s night took a turn is when this episode got really interesting.

Meanwhile Howard and Leonard thought they were in the clear when they got rid of Sheldon after he suggested a smaller – whatever it is they’re working on…that is until the military man likes Sheldon’s plan. This whole storyline was a bore to me. Which is weird to say because usually Sheldon is a star. I mean, when the guys tried to trick him into doing the equation and he drew Charlie Brown, that was funny but otherwise I felt like it was the ladies who needed to be explored more. Which hopefully they will since next week’s episode deals with Amy and Sheldon only banging it out once a year.

Real quick before we get back to the girls…Does anyone else think Stuart and Raj are aiming for a spin off? In all honesty, I wouldn’t watch because I cannot stand Stuart, and really – I don’t think either has that “it” factor in their characters to have another show. While this show is great, spinning off either would not result in a Frasier moment.

Back to the girls…After all the calls, Penny becomes annoyed and then admits that she’s not okay with Bernadette becoming a mom because of the pressure it puts on her. She and Leonard are two years into their marriage and they admittedly aren’t as far along as other couples their age. They are still in an apartment despite having good jobs, and of course – they don’t have kids, unless you count Sheldon. Amy then pointed her life is even more behind than Penny’s.

We often feel there are definite checkpoints when it comes to age. We should be married by this age, have kids by this one and so forth and so on. While that seemed to be the case back in the day when things were more black and white, when men were the breadwinners and women were June Cleavers – that made sense. Now, those checkpoints are all personal. You have to know what’s right for you at particular ages. For me, living at home past college is not the business, but it works for others. Penny should not compare her life to Bernadette’s because her and Leonard’s relationship is different from their friends, from anyone else’s. Plus, when you start to compare, you start to put this unwanted pressure on yourself that doesn’t make sense.

It’s easy to say she should just be happy with where she is, but I want this explored. Just like when she was going through her crisis when it came to her career – I feel like Penny definitely brings so much more to this show than some give her credit for. So I hope this conversation comes up with Leonard in the coming weeks, or at least before we say adios to season 10.

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