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The Big Bang Theory 10×13 ‘The Romance Recalibration’: Honeymoon’s over


If you’ve ever met a married couple that says they haven’t experienced what Penny and Leonard are going through in this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, they haven’t been married very long. She thinks he’s not doing enough, he thinks he is doing plenty. This ruffles their relationship feathers, while it seems Sheldon and Amy are doing a little too well now that he’s taken an interest in what people have to say. Meanwhile the new parents and Raj battle a creaky floor.

Not married, but dating over two years now – I can totally sympathize with Penny…and Leonard. When you’ve been with someone for x-amount of time, you get comfortable. So the sweatpants, body functions and limited showers start to shine. On the other hand, that can become a little daunting at times because you think, are we done with the adventure? Often times I want to go out, but when we discuss where…a night in binging on The Office sounds a hell of a lot better than picking a restaurant and getting dressed. While it’s comfortable to be like Leonard, I think everyone needs to put more effort into their relationships to make things always seem anew.


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Leonard puts in some effort when he and Sheldon drive off to the spa weekend Penny and Amy are having. I get Penny was mad and wanted space, but I would’ve been okay with my guy coming all that way to insure things were okay between us. While she got over the initial anger, I did not see them asking Sheldon to make them a relationship agreement coming…AT ALL. Who would’ve thought that guy would be the king of making a relationship work?

Back at home Howard and Raj were battling the squeaky floor in the nursery. I guess after giving them a baby, you have to take it easy on their plotlines for a while and stay away from anything too heavy…?

In the end it seemed the floor won, and Penny and Leonard signed their very own relationship agreement. Now here’s to hoping it doesn’t work too well because things like that can’t be solved that fast!

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