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The Big Bang Theory 10×12 ‘The Holiday Summation’: Special circumstances


You can’t win them all and that’s the conclusion with this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. After a break you want something a little more than a quick hey. You want a full on conversation but that’s not what we got the gang met up to talk about how their holidays had been…and for some reason Stuart is still trying to be a thing.

It seems like no one had a great break for the holidays. Sheldon and Amy headed to Texas and while I’m sure we always love seeing his mom – he doesn’t. Plus, Amy thought it was time to tell her they were living together. After a big blowout that resulted in Sheldon’s mom saying the obvious…that she believed he’d always be alone…Amy admitted that she already spilled about their living arrangement. If his mom already knew, she really didn’t have to indulge on thinking her son would be a loner freak for life. Also, if she already knew…why did Amy push for them to tell her anyways? I would’ve just let it be. The holidays are hard enough without additional drama.


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Speaking of, Leonard and Penny found their own dismay after one binged Luke Cage without the other, and their Christmas tree adventure turned sour. That seemed like heaven compared to the constant cries of the new Big Bang Baby over at the Wolowitz’s. Bernadette was stressed that Stuart was better with the baby than she was until she was able to climb in the crib and lay with her daughter. Rewinding just a second…when are we going to let Stuart return back to the comic book shop? It’s like if they let Gunther on Friends hang out with them all the time outside of Central Perk.

The Big Bang Theory wasn’t on it so much this week, so here’s to hoping it gets better next time around.

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