The Big Bang Theory 10×11 ‘The Birthday Synchronicity’: Halley’s arrival


Finally! It’s like Bernadette and Howard have been expecting for a year now on The Big Bang Theory. Well that wait is over and instead of focusing on what was going on inside the room, the couple got their privacy – for once, while their friends sat in the waiting room looking back on how far they’ve all come. What sounds like a series finale was only the middle of their tenth season. As we also learned whether or not they were having a boy or a girl, Amy’s wait for birthday sex was lengthened.

Raj knew the sex of the baby for awhile now, but when the contractions started happening – he spilt that a baby girl was on the way. Upset, he was kicked out of the house and that led him to feel down. He only got even more down in the dumps when everyone started to take note of the progress their lives have made. Howard and Bernadette of course having a baby, Leonard and Penny getting married, Amy and Sheldon moving in together – and then there was Raj. Only able to talk to women now, and a pet owner…he saw himself on the same level as Stuart. Which, who wants to reside there? I would hate to be where I was a decade ago. I’d be a self-conscious college sophomore. I wasn’t unhappy then, but with all honesty – I am happier today at 29..


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While Raj felt he had nothing, he was dubbed the godfather and that really made him perk up. It also made me (and I’m sure you) tear up. Did you ever doubt that decision though? Do you think they’ll have a godmother as well, or just let Halley be cool with Raj? Oh yeah, the name. Beautiful choice for a man who’s gone to space. Halley’s Comet was the inspiration, and just because we saw them opt out of naming her after Howard’s late mother, it was too hilarious to hear that baby cry just like her grandma. What a perfect homage, but let’s hope that’s just a phase.

Oh of course, there was Amy. Her birthday had rolled around again and we all know what that means – coitus! Only, laboring interruptions continued to happen as well as Sheldon throwing a bit of a fit over her heading to the Harry Potter world or whatever it’s called at Universal Studios without him. On some real, why didn’t she just buy the ropes online, or head down to Whimsic Alley on Wilshire…it would have saved her the price of a ticket. Luckily they did commence their tradition by the end, only like Bernadette and Howard, they too got their privacy and we were left at the door.

Also, a big congrats to our own Rae who welcomed her own little girl into this world this week!

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