The Big Bang Theory 10×10 ‘The Property Division Collision’: Unexpected Break


Just when you thought this was just an episode of The Big Bang Theory about Sheldon and Leonard facing the emotions that came with saying goodbye to one another as roommates. Instead we got Stuart the mooch back and quite the ending to that; what appeared to be the b-plot but was obviously the more life altering one.

Now that Sheldon and Amy are officially moved in together, it’s no surprise that they’d want to start making it more of their own. Amy sees that as changing the furniture around while her boyfriend views this as a chance to toss all of Penny’s things and grab whatever he wants from his old apartment. This of course frustrates Leonard and starts a bit of a war between the two that you think peaks at Leonard rocking nothing but the flag of their once shared apartment, but oh no – Sheldon takes things even further by renting out his old room for a dollar a night. Which a little bit of a side note – who was paying rent where all this time?


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Payments aside that whole fight was obviously to mask the feelings the guys were having about being apart. Damn, did you realize they’d been roommates for 13 years? That’s far too long to live with someone as an adult. Do you not find that a bit odd in a way? Freaks me out a bit, but moving on to the other side of town where Howard and Bernadette were getting an new roommate…in more ways than one. Stuart is once again without a place to live and he of course comes crawling back to a familiar place. With a baby on the way and his ability to do whatever you tell him to, the expecting parents give in and let him move back in for the time being. This ruffles Raj’s feathers as he liked being the third wheel this parental train.

By the end Sheldon and Leonard made up thanks to the room renter, played wonderfully by Christopher Lloyd. Freaking Pagemaster ya’ll! Then you had Raj and Stuart kind of getting over their whole hatred of one another after Bernadette announced the baby was on the way! It’s funny that this was so played down, but then again so was the announcement that she was expecting. At least when we found out when she said it to herself before she told Howard.

So it’s here guys, the Big Bang Baby! See you and hopefully baby Wolowitz next time!

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