The Big Bang Theory 10×09 ‘The Geology Elevation’: Rocks…


When Burt wins a huge grant it’s safe to say that Sheldon is not happy a geologist has taken a prize where “genius” is in the title on The Big Bang Theory. While he has to learn to deal with jealousy, Howard is busy trying to figure out whether or not a toy he made once upon a time is offensive or not.

Jealousy is a natural part of human existence but Sheldon is far from other humans that surround him. So when Burt wins half a million dollar grant he can use on anything – it kills Sheldon. He tries to get out his frustration by tossing rocks and punching things – and people, but of course they all backfire because he’s not known for his strength. Thankfully he gets over it, but not before the rest of the gang share what they’re jealous of within the group. I actually thought this was the best part of the episode as a whole.


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Single Raj admitted he was envious of his married friend’s relationships, Leonard then shared how much he looked at Raj’s family’s money as something to want, and then there was Amy. She said an obvious one that she was jealous of Penny’s looks, but then tossed in a curveball when she said she was happy when her friend chopped her hair off. I thought that was major shade thrown out there because everyone agreed that Penny’s short hair was not the business because I really didn’t think she looked bad with the pixie cut.

While Sheldon was learning to accept jealousy as normalcy, Howard was showing off a robotic Stephen Hawking he made. Everyone thought it was in poor taste, but I thought he just made something awesome to play with. Later when Hawking had to set Sheldon straight, he even admitted that he would like a toy fashioned after them. So rude that Leonard and the rest of them there decided to keep that bit of information from Howard.

That’s it for now because I doubt there will be an episode next week – so enjoy your turkey!

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