The Big Bang Theory 10×08 ‘The Brain Bowl Incubation’: Baby fever


Well, this was an unexpected turn of events on The Big Bang Theory. It seems like for weeks Raj has been standing so far in the background that he’s basically on another show BUT finally they gave him an actual storyline that didn’t depend on anyone else. Oh yeah, it was a love interest too! While Raj was meeting a new lady, Sheldon was hoping to make a baby. Wait, what?!

The whole thing with Raj is nothing new in TV land. There has got to be at least one episode in every show’s run where someone meets someone they like and are embarrassed about their job. Because I went through a very extreme Frasier addiction recently, that comes to mind because thing happened when Roz started dating her trash guy. It shouldn’t matter what the person you’re interested does for a living. Just be happy they’re working. When they’re 35, living off their parents and don’t know how to do laundry…that’s when there should be an issue. So while Raj should’ve just been real about what Isabella did when his friends asked, I’m glad she gave him a second chance. Side note though, why did she have to be a Latina cleaning lady?


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While Raj was trying to land a date with the University cleaning lady, Sheldon was coming down with baby fever – and not because Bernadette is preggers. Let’s be real though, as cute as it was to watch him fawn over he and Amy’s weird cell baby in the lab…they are not ready to have a child together. Yes, they’ve been dating for a long time now but they just started living together. Plus, would the show really just put one pregnancy after another? I highly doubt that, unless it was Penny and an accident. Even though I was #TeamAmy on the baby decision, I did enjoy Sheldon’s seduction tactics. Gotta love a man who tries hard for what he wants.

Speaking of, Raj is proof that you have to just stick to your guns and go after what you want. I may’ve left out the part where Cinnamon eats out of his mouth – but at least his honesty worked in his favor instead of scaring her away. With that, I bid you farewell until next week. Which to me looks like Sheldon is over the whole baby thing…

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