The Big Bang Theory 10×07 ‘The Veracity Elasticity’: Moving on…


When people ask me what I watch and then mention The Big Bang Theory, they sort of give me this weird look like, “Really, still?” And I then have to say yeah, sometimes it’s not the best show but tell me what sitcom was golden every single week? I continue to watch because the characters are relatable and as they grow, you can see yourselves in at least one of them. When Penny was going through her career struggle – I saw myself, and now I am totally on board with the whole “moving in with your partner” storyline they’ve continued to do with Sheldon and Amy. Although, it was interesting to see a different perspective with Penny and Leonard.

So Amy has been lying about her apartment not being done because she’s enjoying her time with Sheldon. Thankfully he doesn’t flip out as bad as you may’ve thought him to once upon a time. Instead he goes back and forth with the idea of wanting to and not wanting to live with his girlfriend even though he loves her and has liked living with her during their “experiment.” The last scene about the donkeys and the studies about placing someone or thing in between two things they want – so cute! You knew as soon as Amy opened her mouth and knew what he was talking about, that was it and when he walked in…my heart burst.

While the decision was made over there, Leonard found out thanks to Howard that Penny had been slowly putting his stuff in storage without him noticing. No lie, I can see myself doing that. I just, I have so much crap and I feel like my crap is better than my boyfriends. We’re actually moving in together this weekend and with the apartment being way smaller than my last, I’m really nervous about the whereabouts of my things. Will there even be enough wall space for my Backstreet Boys’ poster? The struggle is real, but yeah – I can see why Penny did what she did though and that’s why at the end of it all…perhaps I wouldn’t. I am used to decorating because I’ve just always done it and this being a home for a couple, I do want him to feel like he lives there as well; not like he just moved into my space. That’s why I liked that Leonard gave Penny an in to put her touch on things.

Back to Sheldon and Amy for a second. Were you a little weirded out when he suggested they actually could move out of Pasadena? Yeah, he freaked out but still. I would never have thought he would’ve have said such a thing. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out and how he deals from being away from “his spot.”

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