The Big Bang Theory 10×05 ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’: Toothbrush Drama


Moving in with someone new is never an easy thing to do. Even you and your BFF would have some disagreements at first. So it’s no surprise Sheldon and Amy were not sailing smoothly as their “experiment” went into another week on The Big Bang Theory. While those two were getting advice from the newlyweds, the parents to be were having a staycation when they got some uninvited guests in their hot tub.

Raise your hand if you would threaten a breakup over sharing a toothbrush holder with your significant other? If you raised your hand – you’re as inane as Sheldon Cooper about this. I don’t see the problem here but of course it’s Sheldon…Nevertheless, it caused him and Amy to be split for the day. She spent it with Leonard and he was with Penny, on the hunt for a new woman. Yeah, right.


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Meanwhile Bernadette and Howard were supposed to head out on what I can only assume was a mini-babymoon before she popped but instead stayed home. With that they found out that not only Raj, but Stuart likes to use their hot tub when they aren’t around. Not too weird, but the fact that Stuart doesn’t wear his boardshorts in the tub makes it so. Other than finding out their friends were a little odd, they came to realize that Raj has been single and didn’t tell them. Which I get why. All of his friends are in serious relationships – even Sheldon – and he probably feels like there’s something wrong with him because he’s sitting alone with a list of failed relationships. I felt the same way once when my high school friends and I got together. At the time they were all in long term relationships and I was a weakling in that realm. I wanted nothing more but the conversation to stay away from guys at all costs to avoid the “why are you single?” questions.

We can only hope that with Howard being wrapped up in his new baby soon, that Raj can start to focus on what he seems to be doing wrong in the romance department. Have the girls just not been right, or has it been him the whole time? What do you think? Honestly, the fact that he still gets some help from his parents is a turn off and I can see a woman not wanting to deal with that.

In the end Howard and Bernadette got the freeloaders out of their tub, and Amy and Sheldon made up. Sheldon may be a hard ass but he grows more and more each week – which is somehow still a surprise to me.

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