The Big Bang Theory 10×04 ‘The Cohabitation Experimentation’: The move


Going from just dating to living together is a big step that we’ve watched a couple of pairs on The Big Bang Theory take but never could we have guessed back in season one that we’d be watching Sheldon moving in with a woman. Yeah, him and Amy are only going to be sharing quarters for five weeks while her apartment dries out, but still. Meanwhile Raj finds out the sex of Bernadette and Howard’s baby before they do…

Moving in together is a big deal for a lot of couples. You’re no longer just boyfriend and girlfriend, you are people who share a space, responsibilities and a bathroom. I started spending the night at my boyfriend’s soon after our first date and I’ve been there every night since. When we’ll officially move in together is in the air right now, but I know that having spent the past couple years already getting to know him like that – when we do live together, there’ll be no surprises. With that, Sheldon and Amy are doing a great thing with this so-called experiment. Not even 24 hours into their “research” and they were arguing into a passionate makeout session. If only that would last…we can see next week that Sheldon may be looking for another lady after Amy suggests their toothbrushes share the same holder. Oh the horror!


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Elsewhere Raj took a peek at the sex of Bernadette and Howard’s baby and they decided against knowing. That was weird. Not because he knew, but because he was at and continues to go to her appointments. I couldn’t imagine my boyfriends best friend staring at my goods while I laid there in stirrups. While I was freaked by that, I was actually annoyed that we didn’t get to find out whether or not they were having a boy or a girl. Hopefully we’ll get some answers next time around.

In the end what I really appreciated about this episode was the various stages of relationships. You had single Raj sleeping with his dog, the dating pair who were getting to know one another on a new level, the joyous newlyweds and the seasoned parents to be. Some shows have an end game the entire time and I feel like from day one the writers knew Leonard and Penny would wind up together, but you have to wonder when they decided that these group of friends were going to represent real life relationships.

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