The Big Bang Theory 10×03 ‘The Dependence Transcendence’: Addiction


After a couple of weeks of not really being too enthused about The Big Bang Theory, this week it slowly made me remember why I love this show. Sheldon was on point with his “addiction” to caffeine and possibly gambling, we found out Amy was popular and then there was the whole Bernadette not feeling motherly thing that turned this from a light hearted episode into something real.

So because Sheldon promised he, Howard and Leonard could complete a project in a very short amount of time, they are stressing like crazy. Which, speaking of – of course Sheldon is the one who is acting the strangest. The whole “after school special” with The Flash pushing energy drinks on him, him thinking he’s addicted and then trying to kick the bad habit – that was hilarious. Even more so was when he said he was then addicted to gambling. That line landed perfectly and really still has me laughing almost an hour after the fact.


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We also saw Amy and Penny head to a science party thrown by one of the geologists from the university. Brian Posehn plays the perfect weirdo, doesn’t he? Anyways, thankfully no one showed up because that let us learn how popular Amy was at school. Yes. Amy. Popular. All in the same sentence. It was as much a surprise to her as it was to us watching. It goes to show that there are cliques in every facet of life.

While all of that was fun and well, I absolutely adored Bernadette’s breakdowns over being a mother and not feeling all the excitement she thought mothers were supposed to have. Luckily Raj’s dad is an OBGYN with some wise words. Some people are baby people and some are not, that doesn’t mean you won’t love your own baby. Which makes a whole world of sense. I think down the road Bernadette’s going to be fine once she has the baby. Sometimes you have to have the physical child in your arms to feel some sort of connection and that’s okay.

Finally guys, it’s happening. Next week Amy is moving in with Sheldon and I have to say, I would be kind of pissed if I was Leonard. He and Sheldon have such a nice place – so to have to pack up and move to the one bedroom across the hall – bummer. Although, splitting the rent on the one bedroom instead of the two would likely put a smile back on my face.

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