The Big Bang Theory 10×02 ‘The Military Miniaturization’: Liar, liar


Is it just me or is this season starting off really slow? The Big Bang Theory usually doesn’t go two weeks in a row with being so-so, but alas that’s how I felt after this week’s episode that saw the guys getting military clearance for their project, and Penny landing on the bad side of Bernadette.

So it turns out that Howard and the guys weren’t in any kind of trouble with the military. Instead the military wanted them to work with them or something. The only important thing that came out of that was that Howard, Leonard and Sheldon are going to be on another part of the campus for a couple of months and how that will affect Raj. He seemed pretty bummed about it, but we’ll have to wait to see if they play this up or not.


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What they didn’t really stretch out was Bernadette being pissed at Penny for spilling the beans about her bun in the over to their coworkers. Instead they squashed that beef before the credits rolled and only left us with a little note about Bernadette and her work, something I’m sure a lot of women could relate to; sexism. Bernadette is a tiny woman with an even smaller voice and because of that she’s faced prejudice in her field that is often dominated by men. Her pregnancy being known wasn’t the real issue, it was the fact that it could be used to keep her from advancing in a career she’s had to work twice as hard as her male counterparts. While this episode didn’t make itself as memorable as I would’ve liked, I did love this quick breakdown she had. Totally relatable on numerous levels.

What’s going on this season? What’s the endgame with season 10? I feel like they don’t really have a clue right now and are like well – military! Pregnancy sort of! I want more focus on Bernadette’s growing belly, perhaps more growth from the newlyweds as well as Amy and Sheldon, and of course – toss Raj a bone. Make him more than a sidekick. I feel like right now we’re not even at the starting line, we’re over by the snack bar waiting on a water looking at an untied sneaker. Get this season started already!

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