The Bachelor 1×01 ‘Week 1′: Prince Farming has arrived


I gotta admit, I was pretty excited about getting to review The Bachelor after The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.  Chris Soules (not to be confused with host Chris Harrison or ex-contestant Chris Bukowski) is a kind, humble, hardworking man from Iowa.  I was actually concerned that the show would be boring with him as the star, but I need to give the producers more credit.  They definitely found some great characters for this season!

Poor Chris had to meet and sift through 30 women this first round.  I could tell he had never had this much female attention in his entire life and although he seemed to be enjoying himself, he was also nervous and overwhelmed.  Plus, it looked like the rose ceremony pretty much went on all night and almost everyone seemed to have a hard time standing up straight — especially one of my favorites, Tara.  It seems like the other weirdos are Ashley S, Whitney, and Amanda whereas Ashley I, Jillian, and Kaitlyn will be the mean girls.  But you never know; sometimes, people can surprise you.  (Like when sweetie-pie Marcus from Andi’s season tweeted out a racist Ferguson joke.  Yuck.)

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

But back to the show at hand.  I’m rooting for Amber, Becca, Bo, and especially Britt, whom Chris seemed quite taken with as well.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone kiss on the first night like that.  I’m a little wary, though, because I did read that Britt is an actress.  Hopefully it’s not all a sham, because she’s super cute and sweet.  I wonder if she’d really be willing to drop everything and move to Iowa, because that’s certainly part of the package.

The best part of this 3-hour live premiere was the onion conversation that Ashley S had with a cameraman.  Or was it actually a pomegranate?  We’ll never know…

To be honest with you, I can’t even remember who he gave roses to at the end.  I can’t believe he remembered all those names.  Can you!?

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