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The Bachelor 19×11 ‘Women Tell All’: Just shut up and let her talk

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I always enjoy this episode each season.  Even though half of it is recaps of stuff us die-hard fans have already seen, it’s a fun time.  But, at the risk of sounding sexist, 20-some girls in the same room can get a little noisy.  And it was kind of annoying that they kept talking over each other while poor Chris Harrison was trying to host.  Chris Soules, however, handed the pressure with ease and grace.

I want to like Carly.  I really do.  But I think she is severely insecure and I don’t understand why she was still campaigning against Britt after they both already lost.  I don’t like Britt very much either — I do agree that she’s extremely fake, and her dramatic crying escapades are painful to watch — but I just don’t understand why Carly wanted so badly to make her look bad.

It seemed like there were a few different cliques that formed over the past few weeks/months/whatever.  There’s Britt, Jillian, Nikki, and Samantha.  There’s Carly and Jade.  There’s also Ashley I, Mackenzie, and Megan.  I’m not sure who’s friends with Kelsey, but Jillian did defend her Monday night.  Kaitlyn, Whitney, and Becca are just so awesome that everyone likes them.  Chris made some good decisions.

What do you think — are you pleased with the final two?  Who are you rooting for to win next week?

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