The Bachelor 19×07 ‘Chris Tells All’ & 19×08 ‘Week 7’ & 19×09 ‘Week 8’: How much Bachelor is too much Bachelor?

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This week was so intense, even Prince Farming himself shed a tear.  There were not one, not two, but THREE episodes.  I had to break up my watching over multiple days because even I couldn’t handle that much Bachelor Nation.  Just in case you fell asleep halfway through, here’s what happened and why you should care.

I gotta say, I was SHOCKED when Chris let Britt go.  I was 99% sure that she’d be in the top 3, if not top 2.  She definitely reminded me of Nick in Andi’s season (getting the ‘first impression’ rose, dubbing herself the ‘frontrunner’ etc).  I gotta give Chris credit for seeing through her BS and realizing that she really just wanted to be the star of a TV show.  She’s definitely cute and seems sweet, so I kinda feel bad for her, but at the same time I’m glad she’s gone.  The remaining girls (Carly, Jade, Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney) were all much more genuine.  Of course, now Carly and Jade are gone, so we’re down to the final 3.

I’m actually pretty excited because a couple weeks ago, I said I hoped Becca, Kaitlyn and Whitney would be the last to go.  I’m honestly confused as to why Jade stayed so long because besides the Playboy fiasco, she was pretty plain.  Carly was awesome though (I loved her brutal candidness) so I hope the two of them end up on Bachelor in Paradise along with Jordan, Tara and Ashley I.  It was also funny to see extra footage of Ashley S wandering the property.  I’m still concerned for her mental health, but apparently she’s gotten engaged since then.  Hmm.

Anyway, it was fun getting to see Chris’ hometown again and also meeting the girls’ families.  Each contestant had a completely different upbringing so it was interesting hearing their “stories” (as Kelsey would say).  I think it’s cool that Kaitlyn’s divorced parents are still friends, and even though Whitney no longer has parents it shows how strong she is.  Also, she has a pretty powerful job.  It does make me wonder what she would do in Iowa, but maybe there’s a hospital in the city she could commute to.  Who knows.

I’m looking forward to seeing the fantasy suite dates next week — this is really my favorite part of every season.  The awkward/elated mornings are the best.  I hope Becca and Whitney are the final two, but I’d hate to see Chris break Becca’s heart.  Ugh, the suspense is killing me!

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