The Bachelor 19×05 ‘Week 5′: Good ol’ Michigan girls

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I gotta say, I’m disappointed in Kelsey.  I’m disappointed because she’s supposed to be representing us.  The Michiganians.  Or Michiganders.  Or Midwesterners.  Or whatever.  I was counting on her to show how kind, good-natured, down-to-earth we are.  But, no.  It’s all gone so downhill.

This week, there were 11 girls left.  And, well, there still are.  Carly and Britt each got a one-on-one, and Whitney got the rose on the group date, and there was no rose ceremony.  The episode ended with Kelsey having a “panic attack” on the floor.  But I think this would be a good time to recap all of the contestants and decide who we’re rooting for ’til the end.  I already have my vote, but hopefully at the end of this breakdown you’ll have yours too.  Feel free to agree/disagree in the comments!

So, here are all of the girls in order, ending with who I like best.  Not that my opinion means anything, but it’s fun to discuss.  I mean, isn’t the whole point of reality TV to talk about these people?  Yeah.

Kelsey:  As you can tell, I’m not pleased with her performance.  I really liked her at the beginning though, honestly.  She seemed nice and wholesome, she was a widow which won the hearts of many, and she had no problems with the other girls.  Once the camping trip happened, though, everyone started to see a different side to her.  I totally understand the not-liking-camping thing, but she could’ve had a better attitude about it.  She was all smiles around Chris and then Negative Nancy around the girls.  That’s not a good sign.  Then this week, she acted way too nonchalant about her husband’s death.  I’m pretty sure most of us had to Google the obituary to make sure it was even true.

Samantha:  She’s only this low because I don’t know anything about her.  She’s gotten maybe 30 seconds of airtime the entire season thus far.  I’m honestly not even sure why she’s still there, but maybe it’s because Chris wants to spend more time with her before letting her go.  I’m not sure.

Ashley I:  Oh, dramatic Ashley I.  Or maybe we can just call her Ashley, since Ashley S is gone?  Anyway, I actually feel sorry for her.  I don’t think she’s a bad person or a “mean girl” as she’s been dubbed.  I honestly think she’s immature and not ready for a real relationship, or even real friendships.  I think she needs to spend more time loving herself before she can get close to anyone else.  She’s clearly insecure about the whole “virgin” thing and she needs to get over that in order to grow up.  It’s not about being a virgin that’s making her act like a little girl, it’s her attitude about it.  Becca also stated that she’s a virgin, but she was completely casual about it.  In truth, I like Ashley, but I don’t think she’s ready for someone like Chris yet.

Carly:  Carly’s cute and sweet and I had no problem with her until she said she wouldn’t feel insecure about her looks anymore once a guy says that she’s perfectly attractive.  Again, I think this a lack of self-love and something she needs to work on before having a serious relationship.  She needs to be able to feel beautiful without a man’s approval.

Jade:  I’m confused by Jade.  She got basically no airtime at the beginning of the show, then got to be Cinderella for the best one-on-one date EVER, then she got quiet again and we all found out that she was in Playboy but the cast hasn’t addressed it.  I’m wondering if this will come up on the show at all.  At one point she got “hypothermia” and I wanted to ask her if she was that cold while naked for her photoshoot.  Rude, I know.  I actually have no problem with women owning their bodies, but I don’t like that she plays the “innocent little girl” card.  Girl, be who you are!  Now that I know her secret, I don’t trust her.

Megan:  Cute, fun, and downright hilarious.  I’ve liked Megan from the beginning, but I would also like to see her open up more and have some serious conversations with Chris.

Mackenzie:  I still like her, even with the weird comments about aliens.  She’s nice, fun, and down-to-earth.  She gets along with everyone, which is a huge plus for me.  She has a son though, and I’m just not sure if Chris is ready for a kid.

Britt:  I’m confused by her as well.  She received the first impression rose and named herself the “frontrunner” but I also don’t know enough about her background.  I do know that she’s an actress, so that’s a red flag right away.  She hasn’t had any deep conversations with Chris so I have no idea what her “story” is, and she goes to bed with makeup on which makes her seem fake.  Physically, she’s gorgeous and I can tell that there’s a sexual connection with Chris, but emotionally I don’t get her.

Kaitlyn:  I could say the same for her as I did with Megan; cute, fun, funny but again I’d like to see her be serious too.

Becca:  I really like Becca.  She seems like one of the only “normal” girls of the bunch.  I don’t have anything negative to say about her.  I truly think that she, Britt, and Whitney will be the final 3.

Whitney:  I may have made fun of her Barbie voice in the past, but Whit is the most mature and stable of the group.  The girls like her and Chris likes her, she’s hardworking and goodlooking, and she was a total gem when Jordan randomly made a reappearance.  She exudes total class and I think she’d be perfect for Prince Farming — but is she ready to move from Chicago to a tiny town in Iowa?

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