The Bachelor 19×04 ‘Week 4’: Soules gets serious

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You’re right, Chris.  It is indeed early on to send someone home before the rose ceremony, but I’m glad that you’re there for the right reasons.  Hopefully he’ll turn out to be more Sean Lowe than Juan Pablo.

The story took an interesting turn in this one.  Not only was Jillian booted early, but things seem to be heading downhill with Britt (who had dubbed herself the frontrunner from the beginning).  Jade had her time to shine with a Cinderella-themed one-on-one date (including a predictable movie plug) and Becca was revealed as being the second virgin.  Ashley S is finally gone and, even though no one knows anything about her, Samantha is still there.

I knew that Jillian would probably be overbearing for shy, reserved Chris, and the fact that Juelia had been through so much as a widow was probably intimidating as well.  I wasn’t surprised by them leaving, but I didn’t think Nikki had enough airtime on the show before getting kicked off.  I was constantly confusing her with Jillian and Samantha, though.  Some of the blondes look exactly alike, too.  I guess that’s what happens when you get too many white people together in one house.

Anyway, Kelsey was revealed as being a phony (and possibly this season’s villain) which was disappointing since she’s a fellow Michigan gal who doesn’t like camping.  I appreciated her honesty about not having a good time, but also she should’ve just sucked it up and had fun and been grateful for the opportunity.  I really don’t like downers like that.  And was that bee sting faked?  Had to be, right?  It was just too well-timed.

Kaitlyn is still one of my favorites, but I’m waiting for her to open up.  She’s super fun and funny, but her and Chris haven’t had any deep conversations (or at least not on camera).  Juelia and Jade are really the only people thus far who have talked about their past relationships.  I think it’s really important to address those things early on, but then again, this is a TV show and it’s not supposed to be serious.

I’m also still rooting for Megan, Becca, Whit, and alien-loving Mackenzie.  Only time (or Reality Steve) will tell.

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