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Hart of Dixie 3×18 ‘Back in the Saddle Again’: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Zoe Hart and Lemon Breeland couldn’t be less alike, or at least, that’s what they like to think. This week, we saw them figuring out that they might not be so different after all when they both struggle to get back into the dating pool. That, combined with a jealous Lavon and a motivational George, […]

A Good Run of Bad Luck

Hart of Dixie 3×17 ‘A Good Run of Bad Luck’: The return of Lem-orge?

‘A Good Run of Bad Luck’ felt very much like a classic episode of Hart of Dixie, and by that I mean Zoe had a zany plan, Lavon was trying to control said zany plan, and there was no Joel in sight! Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX and has been obsessed with television since she […]

Carrying Your Love With Me

Hart of Dixie 3×15: ‘Carrying Your Love With Me’: Poor Zoe

Poor Zoe? Poor Lavon! He has no hot, French femayor, and the male mayor wants to hook up with Annabeth. It’s not a happy week for Mayor Hayes. Life definitely sucks for Zoe too, especially because of all the weight she’s going to gain from the neighborly baked goods. With Joel out of town and […]