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Elementary 3×03, ‘Just a Regular Irregular’: “We’re just here for the math.”

I never did like math, much.  I wasn’t great at it in school even at a young age, unless I had a calculator.  Later developmental specialists would tell me I had something called “dyscalculia,” which is basically math dyslexia.  As long as I could input numbers into a calculator that would do the actual formulations […]

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Elementary 2×06 ‘An Unnatural Arrangement’: Captain Gregson has two marriages

Partnership is the central theme of this week’s episode, and I think it’s more important to focus on the metacommentary of that theme and it’s relationship to the dynamics presented therein than the actual mechanical functioning of the plot, because the plot is ridiculously contrived. Like, “wow, double cray” contrived. Which is a lot, according […]