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How to Get Away with Murder 2×01 ‘It’s Time to Move On’: Onto the next (attempted) murder!

And the final portion of TGIT! Who’s ready for another murder? What else would you expect on a show called HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER? Last we saw Annalise and Frank were pondering who could’ve possibly stashed Rebecca’s limp body under the stairs and suddenly Shondaland went nuts with theories on who, what and how. Lucky […]

HtGAwM 1x15.1

How to Get Away with Murder 1×14-1×15 ‘The Night Lila Died’ & ‘It’s All My Fault’: Some friggin’ hitman

The only word I can use other than random keyboard mashing is: Wow. Initially I was wondering how this show could possibly go into a second season without the characters making it the How to Dwell on Murder show. I thought what if they get rid of the students and make Annalise teach new students using […]

HtGAwM 1x13.1

How to Get Away with Murder 1×13 ‘Mamas Here Now’: A look into Anna Mae’s past

What a turn of events to lead us into the season finale of How to Get Away with Murder. We got to see why Annalise has Bonnie on her team because she can certainly hold her own in a courtroom. Everything we knew about Annalise was thrown out the window as she comes from a past […]

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How to Get Away with Murder 1×12 ‘She’s a Murderer’: The Fifth Amendment

Well if one thing is for certain, Shonda Rhimes is queen of the cliffhanger. In every one of her shows she manages to turn out jaw-dropping twists within seconds of the credits, even if the first forty minutes or so aren’t all that invigorating. With the discovery of Sam’s body Hannah is hell bent on […]

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How to Get Away with Murder 1×11 ‘Best Christmas Ever’: Not so smooth criminals

Only three episodes to go after this and yet another bomb drops in the last seconds of an episode. Just when it seems like a typical run of the mill, case of the week story everything gets turned on its head. For a class dedicated on How to Get Away with Murder, these students don’t really […]

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How to Get Away with Murder 1×10 ‘Hello Raskolnikov’: In case you’re just joining us

Welcome bank to Shondaland! First and foremost congratulations to Viola Davis on her SAG win! Should’ve won the Golden Globe too… But we aren’t holding any grudges right? Well it didn’t take long, but How to Get Away with Murder jumped right back into action as we were teased with a seemingly hour long recap of everything […]

How to Get Away with Murder 2×02 ‘It’s All Her Fault’: Sam and his secrets

I feel like things could’ve been better solved than with a coin toss. Especially since he lied about it. Wes is very strange. I feel like he is influenced by his surroundings easily. Could that be good for his future career as a lawyer? I know covering a murder is definitely not good for his […]

How To Get Away With Murder 1×01 – Pilot: In the law office with the statuette

Last night was the premiere of the highly anticipated show, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. And all the anticipated was well-deserved. Perhaps, I’m biased because I absolutely adore anything that has to do with Shonda Rhimes, but either way, I digress. This show is going to go far. I can already see that with […]