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Parenthood - Season 5

Parenthood 5×05 ‘Let’s Be Mad Together’: It’s fixed

I love how this show has characters whose story lines relate to each other so well. We haven’t seen a whole lot of that this season, but it’s back this week in full force. There’s Joel and Crosby, Camille and Julia, and even Max and Kristina a little bit. The storyline that disappointed me most […]

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Parenthood 5×04 ‘In Dreams Begin Responsibilities’: Hank said I could have $20 if…

Remember what I said last week about Zeek and Camille having zero interaction with anyone else besides each other? Well, we didn’t even see Camille this week, but there was so much tenderness between Victor and Zeek, which I loved. He’s clearly acclimated well to the family, as he fights with Sydney like brothers and […]