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Tyrant 2×09 ‘Inside Men and Outside Women’ : Drowning

So this week, Jamal is a drunken fool, Sammy continues work on his whiney teenage thing, and Molly breaks up with her almost-boyfriend when she learns her husband isn’t quite dead. Things get extra bloody as more bombs drop, and Jamal the drunk orders his son killed. Just another day in Abbudin, folks. Nicolette Schneider […]

Tyrant 3×08 ‘Fathers and Sons’ : My father is dead

All right, folks. We’ve been building up to a Barry/Sammy reunion for weeks now, but I honestly thought it was going to take longer, that the season would end with Sammy learning his dead dad is a live rebel leader. Said revelation happened five episodes earlier than I expected, and I’m pleased about that. Are […]

Tyrant 2×07 ‘The Awful Grace of God’ : You were my favorite

Tons of character stuff going on this time around. Sammy’s quest to free Abdul leads to a reunion with his dad’s killer, and Barry’s attempt to rescue Daliyah leads to a confrontation he’s not ready for, Tragedy within the family has Jamal wondering again if killing his bro wasn’t the best idea ever, and things […]

Tyrant 2×06 ‘The Other Brother’ : Family matters

Ma’an and it’s oil fields have been taken, Jamal doesn’t know what to do about it, so he cries for help to the Chinese. Sammy’s back in Abbudin to throw his dad under the bus and search for an old flame. And Barry takes on the role of resistance leader against the Caliphate. Also, Jamal […]


Tyrant 2×05 ‘A Viper in the Palace’ : Running man

After a  handful of episodes where he mostly just hangs out and sulks, Barry finally gets to do something this week. And by do something, I mean he gets beat up several times, shows that he’s not so great at stealing cars, and alienates one of his only friends. But hey, he also grows himself […]

Tyrant 2×04 ‘A House Built on Sand’ : Father’s Day

Romeo and Juliet meets Abbudin this week as we learn that Jamal had a long ago romance, resulting in a son. The kicker? The woman he loved was a Rashid. You know, the Rashids his family has been fighting with for thirty years, the Rashids that were just horrifically gassed.  Yeah, not the best circumstances […]

Tyrant 2×03 ‘Faith’ : Take me to church

One of the most interesting moments from last week’s show involved Barry falling to his knees in the desert. I said then that Barry probably hadn’t prayed in years, and that was confirmed in this latest episode. As the title suggests, ‘Faith’ sees our characters wrestling with their spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof. Nicolette Schneider […]

Tyrant 2×02 ‘Enter the Fates’ : Aftermath

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Barry is dead. This leaves his wife and children devastated, his brother struggling to keep up appearances, and Rashid’s group ready to use Barry’s death to drum up support for the cause. And Barry, well, he goes through some things. Nicolette Schneider is a lit […]

Tyrant 2×01 ‘Mark of Cain’ : “Do what you have to do.”

It’s been roughly a year since the season finale of Tyrant left Barry rotting in a dungeon after his failed coup, waiting to be executed. Within the show’s timeline, it’s been a mere four months, but they’ve felt much longer to Barry, who continues to sit in limbo, waiting for Jamal to kill him. Outside […]