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Constantine 1×10 ‘Quid Pro Quo’: Only one of us is coming back

This week’s episode of Constantine finally revealed the source of Chas’ supposed immortality. Once again, they’ve abandoned the main plot. At this point in the series, you could easily rearrange all the episodes with no bearing on the viewer. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on […]


Constantine 1×09 “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 2”: Bloody John Constantine, center of attention again

Things were looking up for Constantine in the last episode – the show not the character (actually things were looking pretty bleak for John Constantine). It was getting to be a little more original, a little more exciting and a little more ‘big picture’. Unfortunately all this was thrown out the window within the first five minutes […]


Constantine 1×08 ‘The Saint of Last Resort’: No price is too high to save the innocent

Okay, exactly how many people were involved in this Astra business? I get that exorcising a demon is going to take a whole team of people, but surely there has got to be a better way to introduce a new character? It seems as if they’re intentionally keeping us in the dark about the Astra […]


Constantine 1×07 ‘Blessed are the Damned’: Guiding, judging, damning

So have Chas and Zed ever been in the same episode together? It kinda seems like John’s become too much for them to handle and they’re tag-teaming. Look, I get isolating the characters to explore more of their history, but clearly that’s not happening here, so why not just put them together? We’re more than […]


Constantine 1×04 ‘A Feast of Friends’: Not yet hungry for more

Looks like it took four episodes for Constantine to get into its groove. It isn’t flawless, but the scratches are definitely getting buffed out. The episodes are getting tediously formulaic, but not always to the show’s detriment. It’s less arbitrary and its formula gives it quite a bit more structure. All in all, it’s obvious Constantine is still […]

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Constantine 1×03 ‘The Devil’s Vinyl’: Prayer is one big negotiation

You know what sounds like a great premise for a television show? How about two people seeking out supernatural disturbances, traveling all over the country and solving said supernatural disturbances? Pretty good eh? Too bad it’s already been done, a la Supernatural. And this is the show’s biggest hurdle – making it unique for the viewers. Yeung […]


Constantine 1×02 ‘The Darkness Beneath’: There are those who pray for you, there are those that prey on you

This week’s episode of Constantine remains as disjointed as the last. It’s still flashy as ever – explosions, wisecracks and monsters aplenty – but beneath the shiny veneer, it lacks substance and originality. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on her Tumblr! She lives her life […]


Constantine 1×01 ‘Non Est Asylum’: Petty dabbler in the dark arts

Quick disclaimer before we start, I did not read the Hellblazer comics. In other words, my reviews of Constantine the TV series will be purely that. I won’t have anything to compare it to (although I did watch the 2005 film) and whether or not the series stays true to the comics will be beyond me. However, reviews of Constantine […]


The Last Ship 1×09 ‘Trials’: The Six

Whoa, we’ve somehow already come to the penultimate episode of The Last Ship. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I pointed out how this show has yet to make an emotional impact on viewers – yet there I was, blubbering away. This has been, by far, the most intense episode all […]


The Last Ship 1×05 ‘El Toro’: A world worth saving

My biggest criticism for The Last Ship is that it hasn’t been connecting to the viewer emotionally. Well this week, I got what I asked for. Was it cliched? Yes. Was it emotionally manipulative? Yes. Did it work? Yes. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on […]


The Last Ship ‘Dead Reckoning’ 1×03: Predictability can still be gratifying

This week’s episode of The Last Ship was decidedly bland. The thing is, the writers clearly know how to build suspense. They know how to write action movie-esque one-liners, albeit extremely cheesy. What they don’t know, is how to make us care. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past […]


Penny Dreadful ‘Grand Guignol’ 1×08: The monster is not in my face, but in my soul

There is a line that has been repeated often these past few episodes, ‘There cannot be a happy end, for claw with slash and tooth will rend.’ Perhaps this is the maxim of the series; unless the characters are able to change their very natures, they will not have a happy end.   The last […]


The Last Ship 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Boom

You definitely won’t be disappointed in this TNT’s new series The Last Ship – because you won’t expect anything of it. Although executive producer Michael Bay does deliver stunning visuals, excellent soundtrack and of course, explosions, the episode was  dull, predictable and there was absolutely no emotional connection with the audience at all. The pilot also breaks […]


Penny Dreadful 1×07 ‘Possession’: What makes a mother?

After this week’s episode of Penny Dreadful, I’m convinced that Eva Green must have experienced demonic possession at some point in her life. The narrative has barely moved since the first episode. It hardly seems like the penultimate episode of Penny Dreadful.  We might as well call it The Eva Green Show (which should really be a thing). Yeung […]


Penny Dreadful 1×06 ‘What Death Can Join Together’: Sex is sin

In this latest episode of Penny Dreadful, I wonder if they’ve teased us a little too much. For the first time ever while watching this series, I found myself browsing Reddit on my phone. We’re already 75% through with the season and yet the plot has only inched forward. While Penny Dreadful continues to deliver great episodes, […]


Chasing Life 1×1: ‘Pilot’: Run, April, Run!

Chasing Life has finally premiered and I repeat finally.  Frankly, I’m just happy to no longer be hearing “Pumpin Blood” from NONONO on ABC Family promos. This review will be short and sweet with minimal spoilers as I do not like to judge a series based on the pilot.  I could give you a complete […]


Penny Dreadful 1×05 ‘Closer Than Sisters’: To forgive, divine

Practically every week, I say that we’ve just watched Penny Dreadful’s best episode. Yet when the next episode airs, it seems that I must eat my words, because this is Penny Dreadful’s best episode. I pride myself in always being right, but nothing would please me more than if they keep proving me wrong. Yeung […]


Penny Dreadful 1×04 ‘Demimonde’: Duplicity

Penny Dreadful is just torturing me. We’re at the midpoint of the season because Showtime ordered (only) eight episodes and it’s just getting better and better. Penny Dreadful simply excels at pacing. It gives just enough information to whet our appetites. It gives just enough answers that lead to more questions and it gives us […]


Looking 1×08 ‘Looking Glass’: The finale

The season finale of Looking, entitled ‘Looking Glass,’ brought the inaugural season of this unique show to a close. Patrick is facing a decision between two guys. Agustín is dealing with the fallout from last week’s breakup. And Dom is trying his best to open a restaurant. Brock Kimbrel is a social media specialist from […]