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Chasing Life 1×1: ‘Pilot’: Run, April, Run!

Chasing Life has finally premiered and I repeat finally.  Frankly, I’m just happy to no longer be hearing “Pumpin Blood” from NONONO on ABC Family promos. This review will be short and sweet with minimal spoilers as I do not like to judge a series based on the pilot.  I could give you a complete […]


Modern Family 5×23 ‘The Wedding (Part 1)’:Up in flames

It’s Mitchell and Cam’s wedding day! It’s also the day that Mitchell’s mom can’t make it to the wedding, Cam’s parents are breaking up, Phil’s “blind” from eye surgery, Manny has a zit, Haley’s love-struck, someone’s about to pop, and of course,  there’s a wildfire. Who’s ready for a modern wedding chaos? Danni M. is an […]


Modern Family 5×22 ‘Message Recieved’: Guess who’s uninvited?

We’re almost to the two part finale of season five Modern Family fans! I knew it was going to be a filler episode so I set my standards low, but I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to this episode, the stage has been set for next week. The biggest revelation of the night was that Jay […]


Modern Family 5×21 ‘Sleeper’: The episode that lived up to it’s name

Is anyone awake after watching this week’s episode of Modern Family? I have a feeling that once the crew got back from shooting the hyped Australia episode, there was one thing on their minds, sleep. I can picture the writers with eye bags that touched the floor whilst sitting around a table clutching their half […]