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The Last Ship 1×06 ‘Lockdown’: Hard thing to come back from, when you lose somebody’s trust

Another great episode this week. It seems as if my fears in the first episode regarding the lack of emotion/concern from the crew was all for naught. The Last Ship is a digestible show because first and foremost, it is focused. Each episode so far has focused on one main issue. It’s a little simple, but it […]


The Last Ship 1×05 ‘El Toro’: A world worth saving

My biggest criticism for The Last Ship is that it hasn’t been connecting to the viewer emotionally. Well this week, I got what I asked for. Was it cliched? Yes. Was it emotionally manipulative? Yes. Did it work? Yes. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on […]


The Last Ship 1×04 ‘We’ll Get There’: But how long will it take?

I wanted to like this week’s episode of The Last Ship, I really did. And the thing is, the odds were in its favour. I’ve always been fond of episodes where the enemy is something they can’t fight. Unfortunately, the trick with such episodes is that it relies on strong characters instead of action sequences – […]


Penny Dreadful ‘Grand Guignol’ 1×08: The monster is not in my face, but in my soul

There is a line that has been repeated often these past few episodes, ‘There cannot be a happy end, for claw with slash and tooth will rend.’ Perhaps this is the maxim of the series; unless the characters are able to change their very natures, they will not have a happy end.   The last […]


Penny Dreadful 1×07 ‘Possession’: What makes a mother?

After this week’s episode of Penny Dreadful, I’m convinced that Eva Green must have experienced demonic possession at some point in her life. The narrative has barely moved since the first episode. It hardly seems like the penultimate episode of Penny Dreadful.  We might as well call it The Eva Green Show (which should really be a thing). Yeung […]


Penny Dreadful 1×06 ‘What Death Can Join Together’: Sex is sin

In this latest episode of Penny Dreadful, I wonder if they’ve teased us a little too much. For the first time ever while watching this series, I found myself browsing Reddit on my phone. We’re already 75% through with the season and yet the plot has only inched forward. While Penny Dreadful continues to deliver great episodes, […]


Penny Dreadful 1×05 ‘Closer Than Sisters’: To forgive, divine

Practically every week, I say that we’ve just watched Penny Dreadful’s best episode. Yet when the next episode airs, it seems that I must eat my words, because this is Penny Dreadful’s best episode. I pride myself in always being right, but nothing would please me more than if they keep proving me wrong. Yeung […]


Modern Family 5×23 ‘The Wedding (Part 1)’:Up in flames

It’s Mitchell and Cam’s wedding day! It’s also the day that Mitchell’s mom can’t make it to the wedding, Cam’s parents are breaking up, Phil’s “blind” from eye surgery, Manny has a zit, Haley’s love-struck, someone’s about to pop, and of course,  there’s a wildfire. Who’s ready for a modern wedding chaos? Danni M. is an […]


Modern Family 5×22 ‘Message Recieved’: Guess who’s uninvited?

We’re almost to the two part finale of season five Modern Family fans! I knew it was going to be a filler episode so I set my standards low, but I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to this episode, the stage has been set for next week. The biggest revelation of the night was that Jay […]


Modern Family 5×21 ‘Sleeper’: The episode that lived up to it’s name

Is anyone awake after watching this week’s episode of Modern Family? I have a feeling that once the crew got back from shooting the hyped Australia episode, there was one thing on their minds, sleep. I can picture the writers with eye bags that touched the floor whilst sitting around a table clutching their half […]