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True Blood 7×10 ‘Thank You’: No, thank you

For making my heart explode like Vampire Bill did all over his coffin! Sorry for that outburst. I’m still a little tender over all of this, and oh yeah, BILL IS DEAD! I know how I explained last week that it would fit his story-line well (and I still stand by that), but it hurt […]

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True Blood 7×09 ‘Love Is To Die’: Welcoming a new day

You know when you’ve done something so long it becomes a habit? I think it takes about 28 days for something to be fully ingrained into your conscience, something you just do naturally. I’ve watched this show for seven years as faithfully as I could, and if I had to miss it the first time, […]

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True Blood 7×08 ‘Almost Home’: Let’s hop on the nostalgia train and cry all the way home

This, all of this was traumatic, and I don’t know if I’m coming to terms with the fact that the show is over in a couple of weeks, but the show isn’t really giving me a choice. I love, love, LOVE the fact that we finally get closure for Tara and Lettie Mae. I’m still […]


True Blood 6×10 ‘Radioactive’: The sunbathing you’ve been waiting for

Wait, that’s it? No, True Blood! Come back! We want more! This week’s season finale was jam-packed with a lot of action and developments… but it still to me felt anti-climactic after last week’s powerful installment. I couldn’t shake the feeling throughout most of the episode that they could have condensed one or two of […]

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True Blood 6×09 ‘Life Matters’: Meeting the sun

This episode sure felt like a season finale, didn’t it? I had to rush and watch the preview for next week’s episode afterwards to make sure that there was actually another episode left. Quite a lot happened this week. So much so, that some of the action felt almost anticlimactic after all this season of […]

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Win a Hulu Plus Subscription for Commenting!

At, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]


True Blood 6×08 ‘Dead Meat’: A red wedding (almost)

It feels like True Blood just started, but we’re already almost at the end. This shortened 10-episode season has really seemed to speed things up. Though it means less True Blood, I think it has helped pace this season much better than the past few. Has there still been filler? Yes. But not nearly as […]

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True Blood 6×07 ‘In the Evening’: More blood, more death

This week’s installment of True Blood, entitled ‘In the Evening,’ saw another major character go. It was a little bit of a step down overall from last week’s stellar episode, but ended strong. It also produced some gut-wrenching performances from Carrie Preston and Alexander Skarsgard. Eric and Nora manage to escape from Vamp Camp, but […]


True Blood 6×06 ‘Don’t You Feel Me’: The turning point

There was a major tonal shift in this week’s episode of True Blood. Not only was it the most emotional episode of the season, but it was also a turning point in the story. We’re finally starting to go places, and we’re finally getting geared up for the last half of the season. Unfortunately, in […]


True Blood 6×05 ‘**** the Pain Away’: Vampire therapy and bouncy balls

No Lafayette! Don’t do it! In last night’s installment of True Blood, we get quite a bit to digest right out of the gate,  and we end with just as much to debate about over the next week. It was the first episode of this season where it didn’t feel like to me that there […]


True Blood 6×04 ‘At Last’: The vamp camp is getting full

This week felt like a return to form for True Blood. For several seasons now, I’ve been convinced that TB has lost all ability to make a metaphor without using bright lights and fireworks and a big sign that says “Look at this metaphor we made! Look at it!” But lo and behold, this episode […]


True Blood 6×03 ‘You’re No Good’: Stay away from the fairy children!

I actually watched this episode of True Blood and the final season premiere of Dexter (review to come shortly!) last night back to back. Doing so made me kind of wish that this was going to be the final season of True Blood, too. It kind of feels that way doesn’t it? With an all-out […]


True Blood 6×02 ‘The Sun’: The future is not so bright

Boy, I’m not even sure who to be more afraid of in Bon Temps these days. Between Billith, Warlow, and the Governor (who sounds very Walking Dead-ish in this context), there are all sorts of ways to die these days in True Blood. This week we found out that the guy who I mistakenly thought […]


Over the Air: True Blood 6×01 ‘Who are you, really?’: Shifter storyline not a priority?

  Hey guys, my name is Angela. I’m new to the watchitrae family. I will be mostly doing video reviews, and if I have no time, articles. My first review was on the Season 6 premiere of True Blood. I hope you enjoy! WARNING: LOTS OF SPOILERS Check out Brock’s review of this episode! Angela […]


True Blood 6×01 ‘Who Are You, Really?’: Eating arms is so in right now

Oh True Blood… Where do I even begin? The season 6 premiere, entitled ‘Who Are You, Really?’ had death, nudity, cannibalism, ridiculous dialogue. So in other words, a pretty normal episode of True Blood. We had almost a whole year to speculate on what would become of Bill after drinking Lilith’s blood, and this episode […]

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Why do we still care about vampires?

I stumbled upon the article Three Reasons to Sort of Still Care About Vampires, and I thought something similar would make a nice feature for our site so I decided to add to the list. Let me give you a little background. I was not among the first wave of fans to go crazy over […]