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Photo from the episode "Hit Me"

Chicago PD 3×13 ‘Hit Me’ with your best shot

Ruzek and Burgess are done, finished, over and Kim can’t stand to be around Adam any longer. Again the most interesting part of this episode was the character’s personal lives. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kim and Adam haven’t reconciled immediately. Kim is actually so set on leaving Adam she has decided to […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×21 ‘There’s My Girl’ Nadia DeCotis: An Angry Rant

They hit us right in the feels! The recap from last week is jam packed with clips of Nadia. They show Erin encouraging her, Platt celebrating with her, Nadia’s determination with being a cop and then they show us what happened to her in New York. For those of us who didn’t watch the final […]