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Proof 1×08 ‘Tsunami: Part Two’: An almost sad end

We have proof! Patricia is gone, so that means it exists, all of it! And you know what? I was so freaking nervous last week that if we got a full touch of the other side, as in Cat being a believer, it wouldn’t work. The show would go nowhere after that. Well, I’m still […]

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Proof 1×08 ‘Tsunami: Part One’: A whole mess of hearts

There were more than a few hearts that needed a shock tonight, and I’m not just talking about Turing that heart transplant guy. Matters of the heart became a serious sub-plot with Cat and Len, and Janel and Zed and their topsy-turvy relationships. The rest of the episode was given to the fact that Cat […]

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Proof 1×07 ‘Reborn’: Coming back for more

This show deserves a better time slot. It deserves to be a contemplative fall series, but sadly it has to compete with shows about corruption, terrorism, vampires, and world dominating aliens in their various forms, and that could possibly mark its downfall. I hope to God not because this episode was absolutely amazing, but oh […]

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Proof 1×06 ‘St. Luke’s’: And no ghosts were involved

Maybe. Does the Priest count as a ghost because I’m like 90% sure he wasn’t there with present Cat, especially when he looked exactly as he did when little girl Cat was dragged in for confession. That was mildly confusing, but the exorcising priest with his hooch wasn’t even the oddest part of this episode. […]

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Proof 1×06 ‘Private Matters’: The Ballad of Ivan Turing

Wow, this episode was just…wow. I’ve wanted to see more of Turing since the beginning of the series, especially since he seemed like he was about to fall into the path of the stereotypical eccentric billionaire character. Last night he showed us all that lies beneath his well veneered surface and it’s a lot more […]

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Proof 1×05 ‘Memento Vivere’: Shared memories

This show is important, and it has been proving that every week. This episode in particular was astounding in its frankness, and sensitive handling of something that happens in hospitals all too frequently. It was also another chance to see how one family’s loss is a near constant pain that has shaken all of them, […]

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Proof 1×04 ‘Redemption’: There’s no highway to Hell

But there are the people you’ve killed in life, and a murder victim that you had nothing to do with, but she wants you to find her killer, so you can be redeemed. Even though I would never wish it on my worst enemy, Hell did seem a little more hopeful than some would expect. […]

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Proof 1×03 ‘Showdown’: How to deal with past trauma

There is one thing I love more in this world than Jennifer Beals gorgeous hair, and that is character development. While this show is still trying to gain its traction and set the basis for (God willing) future seasons, it decided to throw a whole bunch character development on us all at once. Needless to […]

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Proof 1×02 ‘’Til Death’: Will there ever be solid evidence?

Probably not since our universe doesn’t know the answer itself, and we can only suspend our disbelief for so long. While that can be frustrating, it also makes this show interesting. Maybe one day, the line towing will get tiring, but for right now, I’m enjoying every second of it. Marnie Azzarelli is your average […]

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Proof 1×01 ‘Pilot’: I am out of my mind with excitement!

It’s like Dr. House became a female surgeon with nice hair and no (apparent) addictions, and is searching for the afterlife! All while having a pretty fractured family that she’s working on, and a crack team of an excitable genius and Edi Gathegi…Well, let’s hope he doesn’t punch this doctor out. Marnie Azzarelli is your […]

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Rizzoli and Isles 5×15 ‘Gumshoe’: The Boston PD’s new ‘help’ is about just as helpful as gum on the bottom of a shoe, actually.

Crime often occurs in the most unexpected of places, somewhere you never really expect anything bad to happen and then..bam! Somebody’s been murdered. At least that’s what happened in the most recent episode of Rizzoli and Isles. It was a quiet night at a Boston boutique, just about the time when the shop owners would […]

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Rizzoli and Isles 5×14 ‘Foot Loose’: Take that title literally.

After reconnecting from Jane’s near death experience, she and Maura are back on track, both with their friendship and their jobs. But Jane better be over her traumatic experience in the water, for it’s right back to the water she’s headed. When a severed foot washes up on the local beach, it’s up to Jane, […]


Franklin & Bash 4×10 ‘Red or Black’: Fishy destinies

After a season of a lot of misses Franklin & Bash go out with a pretty entertaining, telling and emotional season finale. Stanton faced destiny, two couples faced romantic realities and the boys faced a life changing opportunity. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two […]


Franklin & Bash 4×09 ‘Spirits in the Material World’: Boo!

Just this afternoon I learned someone watches Franklin & Bash. I then wondered if they were seriously liking this season or if like me, they were watching it as a task and because it’s been years – so why not keep up with it? So what even went on this week…let’s see the guys got […]


Franklin & Bash 4×08 ‘Falcon’s Nest’: Game of Thrones Ruins Lives

Obvious suspicions about Anita and Karp were on point, Ellen made a friend and the guys helped two grown men with an adoption that was just odd but when it comes to Franklin & Bash you’re never really that surprised by the case or the outcome. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing […]


Franklin & Bash 4×07 ‘Honor Thy Mother’: A real motherfu…

Remember that time I watched Franklin & Bash, actually enjoyed the whole episode and then my laptop decided to shut down and lose my notes? Ugh, technology fail – but thankfully it’s only the next morning and I still have some of the laughs and drama in my head. Let’s see, the boys deal with […]


Franklin & Bash 4×06 ‘Dance the Night Away’: Commoner

Last night I actually chuckled, was happy and even got a little shocked with Franklin & Bash. Could the dry spell be over? They were great last week and this week, while wasn’t as interesting, was still entertaining with strippers, puppets, mama drama and a reunion. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing […]


Franklin & Bash 4×05 ‘Deep Throat’: Power ballad mixtapes

It’s a miracle; this week’s Franklin & Bash wasn’t horrible. It was actually entertaining and kept my attention the whole time. My mind failed to wander as Ellen was back and her relationship status with Franklin was put to the test, the case this week was easy to follow and there was some Bash’s history […]


Franklin & Bash 4×04 ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’: “I pounded your bottom…”

What happened between last summer and this one? Did a major writer quit? I hope you guys know that until I see some improvement – these recaps are just going to be riddled with a lot of complaints and a few, “well that part wasn’t so bads.” Like this week for instance, Damien and Stanton […]


Franklin & Bash 4×03 “Love is the Drug”: Potheads and perverts

Usually I can sit and write these right after but last night’s Franklin & Bash was just meh. I didn’t even pay attention to the boys’ case until the end, I had no care for whatever Stan’s drama was and I’m still mad we replaced Carmen and Pindar with Dan, who was back this week. […]