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The Walking Dead 6x04 Cover

The Walking Dead 6×04 ‘Here’s Not Here’: An act of creation

It’s a story we’ve heard a million times. The troubled student is unsure what to do with his life, aimlessly wandering through the world. The master finds him, sees his potential, trains him in his ways. And then the master dies, forcing the student to put his skills to the test, using them to navigate […]

The Walking Dead 6x03-4

The Walking Dead 6×03 ‘Thank You’: Nihilism and misery

There’s a fine line between a healthy dose of nihilism and misery porn. For those of you unfamiliar with this idea, misery porn is when a storyline is miserable and awful simply for the sake of being miserable and awful. It’s a shock value technique, and while it does rile up viewers and draw people […]

The Walking Dead 6x02 Cover

The Walking Dead 6×02 ‘JSS’: A pack of wolves

To me, the season opener seemed like a spectacle simply because there were a large number of zombies on display. It was a great way to introduce the season and reorient us to how Alexandria is working, but it focused heavily on those dynamics rather than the actual execution of Rick’s master plan. See, The […]

The Walking Dead 6x01 Cover

The Walking Dead 6×01 ‘First Time Again’: The march forward

Say what you will about The Walking Dead, but I’m at least thrilled to see that they’re willing to go big. Because that’s what The Walking Dead is really about: spectacle. Season 5 started out with “No Sanctuary”, a fantastic opener that raised the stakes and had a carnage-filled battle through Terminus as its centerpiece. […]

The Walking Dead 5x16 COver

The Walking Dead 5×16 ‘Conquer’: Wolves not far

Okay.  Season finales have to feel like season finales.  Consider the novelistic approach that more television shows are taking in today’s era, especially after the great success of The Sopranos and the critical reception surrounding The Wire.  Breaking Bad and Mad Men both structured their seasons with clear, definitive arcs that have beginnings, middles, and […]

The Walking Dead 5x15 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×15 ‘Try’: “It’s their world…we’re just living in it.”

Television reviewing is tricky business.  Not everybody can do it.  Yes, I’m talking about the glorified “recaps” that people call reviews, where they basically reiterate all of the plot without any level of critical analysis, where an “it’s so cute that they’re finally together” or a “I’m so mad they killed him off” counts for […]

The Walking Dead 5x14 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×14 ‘Spend’: Implosion

Okay, let’s talk about death.  I’m sure you’re aware of how many television shows, more so television shows in today’s era, use character death as a way to make episodes full of “moments”.  Because people remember moments more than they remember anything else.  We remember Tony and Carmela’s huge fight at the end of Season […]

The Walking Dead 5x13

The Walking Dead 5×13 ‘Forget’: Two worlds

The Alexandria storyline says a lot about The Walking Dead as a whole.  When the characters are hanging out in the wilderness, the show tends to drag a great deal.  In “Them”, everybody just kind of talked and walked and that was about it.  It would be more interesting if the talking was more complex […]

The Walking Dead 5x12 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×12 ‘Remember’: The only thing that matters

If there’s one thing that helps elevate this season of The Walking Dead above all others, it’s the willingness to have the narrative extend into new territory.  Sure, there have been a couple episodes where the narrative was plodding, where the characterization wasn’t as crisp as it could be, but for the most part, taking […]

The Walking Dead 5x11 COver

The Walking Dead 5×11 ‘The Distance’: Hope and despair

The Walking Dead has always had trouble with finding new avenues to take.  It’s inherent in the premise that the show has.  Survivors move on, find zombies, kill zombies, find bad people, kill bad people.  Rinse.  Repeat.  So on and so on.  And as long as the show has gone on, nobody has really made […]

The Walking Dead 5x10 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×10 ‘Them’: Dead or alive

It really says something when I’m watching a television show and want to fast forward to get through it.  “Them” is the first The Walking Dead episode in a long, long time where I’ve felt that, at least the first time through the entirety of Season 5.  Even the first half of Season 5’s shakiest […]

The Walking Dead 5x09 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×09 ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’: No going back

The Walking Dead has evolved a great deal over the years.  Most people remember the second season as being the nadir of the show, and they wouldn’t be wrong.  Hershel’s farm was a point of stagnation for the show, as everybody attempted to figure out arbitrary issues like what to do with a prisoner or […]

The Walking Dead 5x08-1

The Walking Dead 5×08 ‘Coda’: Living without a purpose

The one thing that The Walking Dead has talked about, but never really dwelled on, is the idea of purpose.  It’s repeated that the purpose of existence at this point is survival, but isn’t there more to any sort of life than survival?  Consider the art created by slaves on Southern plantations, how singing and […]

The Walking Dead 5x07 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×07 ‘Crossed’: Best laid plans

It’s no surprise that “Crossed” is one of the weaker episodes of the half-season.  It darts back and forth between three different stories, and while episodes that deal with these stories individually are often fantastic, The Walking Dead often operates best when it utilizes a very narrow focus (many shows operate in the same manner, […]

TWD 5x06 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×06 ‘Consumed’: Set in stone

The Walking Dead is best when it is a quiet show.  I’ve complained in the past about the dialogue in this show being sub-par, and those complaints are completely warranted.  Just look at many of the episodes from Season 2, where Dale would rant and rave about ethics and Lori would argue with Andrea about […]

The Walking Dead 5x05 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×05 ‘Self-Help’: Living people

When Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita first became a part of The Walking Dead, they seemed as nothing more than stock characters taken right from the comic books.  They even stood out as kind of awkwardly placed within the show; Rosita, in particular, looked like she didn’t even belong in the world that Gimple and the […]


Once Upon A Time 4×07 ‘The Snow Queen’: It’s a trap

Have you ever learned something knew about yourself and been afraid of what might happen with this newly found ability? Well, Emma, Elsa, and Ingrid sure have. In an episode filled with anger and terror, we found ourselves reunited with a few old friends as well as an interesting new character, and we get a […]

TWD 5x04 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×04 ‘Slabtown’: Paying your dues

It’s great that The Walking Dead is trying these different kinds of episodes, where they focus intently on one person or one group of people outside of the main characters.  It’s a way to broaden the viewpoint of the show, as well as a way to keep things fresh and exciting.  Only sometimes that extra […]

The Walking Dead 5x03 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×03 ‘Four Walls and a Roof’: Sheer brutality

I’d say it’s a good thing when The Walking Dead proves me wrong.  Of course, it’s still a largely predictable show, what with Michonne getting her katana back and no major characters being put into the ground just yet (sorry Bob, but you don’t really count as “major”).  But to see Rick mutilate Gareth with […]

TWD 5x02 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×02 ‘Strangers’: Walking a fine line

It was inevitable that the follow-up to “No Sanctuary” was going to be a little slow and tedious.  Discussion and character development are things that The Walking Dead has never really been all that good at, and it shows here in “Strangers”, an episode that tries to juggle a lot of new character ideas but […]